Thrifty Walmart Deals

I know many of you are excited about getting some good deals.  SO you gather up your coupons, walk into the store and then are lost as to where the good deals are.  I wanted to show you a few deals that are worth looking at.  Please note that many times these items will be out of stock right after I post a match up on  them.  Don’t worry the store will restock, and in a week or so you should be able to find these items.  To view Walmarts coupon policy click here.

Please note that prices will vary in different areas.

Kotex pads small boxes $1 each

  • use the $1 coupon from the 4/5 Smart source 2 ( expires 5-30-09)
  • making them FREE

Kotex Pantyliner small boxes $1 each

  • use .75 cents off coupon from 4/5 Smart source 2 ( expires 5-30-09)
  • Final price .25 cents

Vitamin Water $1.00

  • Use $1 off one coupon from 4/5 smart source (expires 6/3/09)
  • Final Price Free


Quaker Quakes $1.34

  • Use $1.00 off coupon from 3/29 Red Plum (expires 5-31-09)
  • Final price .34 cents a bag

Axe Shower Gel Trial size

  • use $1.00 coupon from 4/5 Valassis/Unilever coupon insert (expires 6/28/09)
  • Final price FREE

Mission corn Tortillas $1.56

Daisy Sour Cream $1.06

  • Use .50 cents off 1 coupon from 4/5 Smart Source (expires 5/31/09)
  • Final price .56 cents


AirHead Xtremes .64 cents

  • use .55 cent  off 1 coupon from 3/22 smart source (expires 5/03/09)
  • Final price .9 cents each

img_0060Kraft Salad dressing $1.58

  • use $1.50 off one coupon from the 3/29 smart source (expires 4/29/09)
  • Final price .8 cents

img_0149No Nonsense Ultra Sheer

  • use $1.00 coupon from3/29 smart source ( expires 6/30/09)
  • Final price free ( many packages have another $1 off coupon inside)

I know that there are lots of other great match ups out there.  If you come across one that you would like to share feel free to pass it along!  Please note that not all areas get the same coupon inserts, so your area may not get all these coupons.  Thanks  to Deal Seeking Mom for help with these match ups.


Rice Krispies and Marshmallow deal

img_0286At Walmart they have Rice Krispies for $2.50 a box.  Right now they have “peelie” coupons on the front good for a $1 off any bag of marshmallows when you buy Rice Krispies.  I checked at my local store and both the store brand of marchmallows and the name brand were $1 or less making them free.  If you have a Kellogg’s cereal coupon to use on the cereal, it would make it an even better deal.  

reaster_egg_mainimageThanks Money Saving Madness for this Thrifty tip.

Free Axe Body Wash at Walmart

Would have cost me $15.52 but I got it FREE!


In Sundays Paper 4/5 they had a coupon for $1 off any one AXE shower Gel or Detailer shower tool.  It was in the Unilever/ Valassis Coupon insert.  Today while I was at Walmart I noticed they have trail sized for .97 cents each.  Being that the coupon said any size you can use them on trial size !  Making them free, I spoke with the manager to make sure I could use the coupon being that the coupon is 3 cents more than the item.  He said it was fine.  Their corporate coupon policy does not say what their policy is, for an overage.  He is looking into it for me to get an answer in writing.   The coupon in good till June so you have plenty of time to find it in stock, and get them free! 

Update***  My readers have told me they also have them for the same price at Target

I personally do not need this, but I picked them up to donate.  There are many homeless or crisis shelters that also are in need of items like this.  


Airhead Xtremes only .9 cents at Walmart

Before coupons these would have cost $7.04

I paid .99 cents plus tax

There was a coupon in the 3/22 smart source for .55 off  one  Xtremes Airheads.

I found these today at the register at Walmart for only .64 cents each. 

With the coupon they are only .9 cents each.

I bought 11 of them and plan to put them in my kids Easter basket.


Free Sample of Gillette

gillette Another great free sample from Walmart.  This time you can get a sample of Gillette shampoo or body wash.  Do this by clicking here, and then click on the bar that reads choose your sample.  We just started using this product line after I got some  free with coupons.  My husband and son love it!

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Free Samples from Walmart

kotexFor a free Sample  of  Kotex Click here

always_infinity_packshotFor a free sample of Always click here


gainFor a sample of Gain click here

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Walmart Deal

Some of our Thrifty Readers sent us these great tips:
Use the $1.00 off any SeaPak item from the April issue of All You to buy the 6oz. Shrimp Poppers at Walmart. At my Walmart in Illinois they were $1.32, only $.32 after coupon!
Thanks – Leeann

If you don’t have the All You magazine, you can pick one up at the Walmart Magazine section

Also from another reader:

I bought the Nestles refrigerated cookie dough with the $1.00 off coupon from Sunday’s paper. The regular price was $2.14. I thought I was getting a pretty good deal until I looked in one of the refrigerated bins and they had the Nestles Easter cookie dough on rollback for $1.05. I used my $1.00 off coupon and got the cookie dough for .05 cents plus tax.

Another great deal I got was on Huggies Diapers. They had some of the packages that are normally $19.96 per package marked down to $15.00. I still had two of my $3.00 off coupons left over that I printed off a couple of weeks ago. That would have made them $12.00 per package.
Well, after I got home, I looked at my receipt and they scanned at $10.00 per package so with my $3.00 off coupon I paid $7.00 each.
I would suggest taking the items to one of the price scanners just to make sure of the price before purchasing.

Other great deals I cashed in on:

Kraft Dressing – $1.58 used $1.50 off coupon paid .08 cents each
Quaker Snacks – $1.34 used $1.00 off coupon paid .34 cents each
Good Life Cat Food – $4.48 for 3lb bag used $3.00 off coupon paid $1.48 each
Coffee Mate Creamer – $1.68 each used $1.50 off 2 coupon. Paid .18 cents for second one.
Pringles – $1.00 each used $1.00 off 2 coupon paid .50 cents each.

Thanks – Teri