Thrifty Gift Idea

I am always on the hunt for a Thrifty deal that I can turn into a Thrifty gift.
This week at Walgreens I was able to buy these packs of gum for .33 cents each.  I love to take them and spice them up a bit. Most people carry gum, so why not make it cute?  I have used these as little Birthday cards, teacher gifts or just to brighten someones day.  

It’s a card, it’s gum……..It is just too cute!

I already had the stamps, but the supplies (paper, glue, brads, ink) cost about .15 cents
You can make 6 of these out of 1 12×12 pattern paper, 1 sheet of white card stock, and 1 sheet of black paper.

I stamped out 6 little frogs. Then used a water color pen to color them in.

Added spots with a glue pen, so the frogs would have a little shimmer.

I used a circle punch to cut a slot in the top. Backed the frogs with black paper, added brads and stamped the words on the front.

Then wrapped the pattern paper around the gum, using a strong glue to hold it in place.

You could do these with any theme or colors.  


More Thrifty Valentine Gift Ideas

Here are a few more THRIFTY Valentines Day gift ideas.
Is your budget a little tight this year?  These gift ideas are simple, yet personal and full of love.  Isn’t that what Valentines day is all about, letting our loved ones know they have a special place in our heart.

“Priceless coupon” tag book
I made this little tag book, by cutting out 6 tags from scrapbook paper.  Clipped them all together with a key ring, added ribbon, and I was done.  But it is what you will write inside that will be the real gift.  Think about what acts of service you could offer your sweetheart.  Write what you admire about them, and what you are most grateful for.  Tell them your favorite memory together, offer to make their favorite meal, just for the two of you.  Give them a night of pampering, by candle light…. 

Mini Coupon tag book
Just another example of a coupon book

Mini Valentine Scrapbook 
Make a mini scrapbook with a few of your favorite photos.

I cut 2 3×3 in squares of chipboard, covered them with scrapbook paper added a ribbon. I used my sewing machine to give it a nice edge.  I then took a white sheet of card stock, and folded it into 4 section, added scrapbook paper.  I then glued it to the 2 chipboard squares, added photos and I was done.

I made all of these for FREE, out of extra scrapbook paper I had left over from other projects.  But if you wanted to buy the supplies, it would only cost you about $1.50 to make.
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Thrifty Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentines Day “Thrifty craft”
Every year I stress out about any Holiday and the extra money it will cost me.  I always like to give little gifts to my sons teachers, neighbors, family friends etc.  But if you go buy something from the store that is “Holiday theme” you are going to pay an arm and a leg for it.  So  I like to take my thrifty finds, and turn them into thrifty gifts.

A few weeks ago I was able pick up these cans of almonds up for under a $1, normal price was over $4.   
  • The unopened can, I  took a piece of scrapbook paper and wrapped it around the can.  Tied a ribbon around it, and added a gift tag.  On the top I cut out a circle from the same scrapbook paper and  glued it to the top of the lid.  The top says My Valentine.  I turned a boring can of nuts into a cute gift in under 10 minutes.  The nuts, the paper and ribbon cost about $1.10.
  • The next can of nuts I opened and ate all the yummy almonds….I was hungry.  But I kept the empty can. Then I wrapped scrapbook paper around it.  You can do 4 cans with one sheet of 12×12 paper.  I then used a Stamping Up punch to cut our the heart, and scallop circle.  I got a cello bag and filled it with Hershey’s kisses that I got for $.89  a bag. ( Click here to see post) I also added Granola bars that I wrapped in Scrapbook paper.  Put a bow on it, and in 15 minutes I had a cute gift.  Total cost .40 cents 

 A few weeks ago I was able to get Granola bars for $1 a box ( read post here)  Each box had 10 bars in it, making them 10 cents a bar. Being that they were so cheap I thought I would let my kids use them to give as Valentines at school.  You can wrap 8 bars with one sheet of 12×12 paper.  I bought this paper in a combo pack, so it was less that 2 cents a sheet.  My kids had a blast wrapping the bars, and are really excited to give them to all their friend.