Don’t forget to say Thank You!

As many of you know I have two neighbors that like to share their Sunday coupons with me.  One of them is the cutest little old lady you will ever meet.  Her name is Norma she is 91 years old, she has more energy than me most days.  She has been a widow for over 40 years and lives on a limited budget.  Being that she gives me her coupons, I like to pass my good deals on to her.  I think the first time I put a bow around a bunch of food she thought I was a little nuts. Now  she always gets a big smile.   The kids love taking “Grandma Norma” Thrifty gifts.    This last week I was able to get such a good deal on cereal at Albertsons, we had to share!



8oz Kraft Cheese .50 cents each!!!!

This week at Albertsons buy $10 in Participating products and get $3 off instantly.  One of the items is Kraft 8 oz cheese / $2.50 each. 
Buy 4 at $2.50 each get $3 off instantly , making them $1.75 each
But I used a $1 off 2 coupon, making them $1.25 each
 There is also a catalina going on ( last day is Sunday)
Kraft Cheese
Buy 2 & get $1 Catalina
Buy 3 & get $2 Catalina
Buy 4 or more & get $3 Catalina
Buy Kraft 2% Natural Chunk, Shreds and Snacking Cheese 6oz or larger. Includes 2% Natural Chunk, 2% Natural Slices, 2% Cracker Cuts, 2% Cubes, Crumbles and 2% Shredded Cheese.
Ends 3/29
So I Paid $5 plus tax for the 4 bars of cheese
After I paid I got back a $3 catalina
That means I got them for .50 cents each
 $1 a pound for Kraft 2% cheese….That’s a THRIFTY deal!

I got my Free Taco Shells did you?

Before sales and coupons this would have cost $26.28
I got them FREE
All I had to pay was Sales tax $1.57

To read the details of how to do it click here!
Today I did not shop at my normal Albertsons, I am visiting family. I bought 6 shells for me and 6 for them. But their store had a huge display of them towards the back of the store.  I know my local store ordered a lot in, just for this sale.  But if for some reason your store is out of stock, make sure you ask for a rain check, the catalina will print up till 4-19-09.

I also had $1 off coupons for the Dinner Kits  I got these about 6 months ago.  I waited to use them….It paid off.  Using them with today’s sale and Catalina offer made them FREE.

Thrifty Walgreens Deals

These deals at Walgreens would have been $26.27 + tax
I paid $2.10 ( $1.58 of that was tax) 
Plus I got back at $3.50 Register Reward good towards my next purchase.

Here is how I did it:

Colgate Max Toothpaste $3.29
-use .75 cents off coupon from the 2/22 smart source coupon insert
-get back a $3.50 Register Reward good towards your next purchase
Final price FREE plus a .96 cents overage

Glade Motion Sensor Sense and Spray $9.99
-use $4 MFR (manufacturer coupon) from 2/8 smart source coupon insert
-then use $4 instant value walgreens coupon from Easy Saver Catalog page 29.  These are the little coupon books found right in the store next to the weekly ads.
Final price 1.99

Glade Lasting Impressions Fan- powered Fragrance kit $9.99
-use $4 MFR (manufacturer coupon) I think it was the 2/8 smart source, but not sure
-then use $4 instant value walgreens coupon from Easy Saver Catalog page 29.  These are the little coupon books found right in the store next to the weekly ads.
Final price 1.99

Candy 3 for $3
Used $9 in Catalina Register Rewards from last week 

 Tip –the candy I bought as  “filler” item.  At Walgreens you can use one MFR coupon per item,( but you can stack it with an in-store coupon too they don’t count in-store coupons.) I had 3 items the toothpaste, 2 glade items but  I had 1 MFR for each item ( 3 coupons 3 items).  At Walgreens they consider the Register Rewards a  MFR coupon,  I wanted to pay for my items with Register Rewards from last week.   But he register will not allow me to do that, being that I had 3 MFR coupons and 3 items.  SO to get around this problem I grab a inexpensive filler item that will bring my item total up to 6, allowing me to pay with 3 Catalina Register Rewards.

Register Rewards Walgreens tip– If you wanted to buy more than one tube of toothpaste, and get back the register rewards on each one.  You will need to pay for them all in separate transactions.  If you by 1 or if you buy 5 , only 1 register rewards will print.  It is best to buy them one at a time, allowing you to get a Register Reward for each one. PLEASE note that some cashiers will allow you do separate transactions, and others will not. 

Register Rewards Walgreens tip- If you pay for the toothpaste get a register reward, then try to pay for another tube of toothpaste with a “toothpaste register rewards” another will not print out.  You could pay for your toothpaste with a ” razor, or baby soap register reward”  and another will print. A little confusing at first, but easy once you get the hang of it!

Albertsons Thrifty deals

Before sale price, coupons or discount this would have cost $120.79 +tax 
With sale prices Albertsons preferred card it rang up at $71
After coupons, I paid $20.71
Plus I got back a $10 Catalina to spend on my next shopping trip

The Idaho Statesman (one of our local papers), called and wanted to do a story on my blog.  It will run  Saturday March 6th, they asked to do a photo of me shopping at my favorite store.  So of course I went to Albertsons ( Ya I love my local Albertsons)  They are super coupon friendly and love helping me get THRIFTY deals.  That being said it was really crazy trying to shop with a camera man clicking away, and people in the store looking at me like we were nuts.  Being that I was a little distracted, I made a few mistakes.  Yes even I goof up on my coupons.  I bought the wrong brand juice so it was not on sale, and I forgot to buy 20 rice a roni products to get my $5 catalina back.  I forgot to use my yogurt coupons……but even with that I got some really great deals! Thanks to Albertsons!  Here are the links to the prices details from posts I did earlier this week.
Rice a Roni click here
Colgate toothpaste click here
All other items click here
After I used the coupons listed in these posts, I also used $33.50 in Catalina coupons from 2 weeks ago.

My Thrifty Target Savings- FREE Renuzit

Before discounts and coupons these items would have been $17.92
I only paid .33 cents

Here is how I did it:
Renuzit spray $1.92
-use $1 coupon from the 2/22 smart source coupon insert
-use the in store coupon printable here, or click here to read how to print it at Target
Final cost FREE with 8 cent overage, (they do not give you money back you need to buy another item that they can credit the overage to.)
CoverGirl with Olay Foundation $7.00
-was on clearance for $1.76
-used the $2 coupon from 1/18 P&G coupon insert
Final price FREE plus .24 cent overage (they do not give you money back you need to buy another item that they can credit the overage to.)

Soft Soap $2.00
-it was on clearance for $1.34
-used .75 cents off coupon found next to item in store
Final Price .59 cents 

I live in Idaho and we have a 6% sales tax,I pay sales tax on all these item other wise they would have been .3 cents.  But I still think .33 cents is a THRIFTY deal.

Other items you might want to check for at Target

Gold Fish Crackers on sale for $1.79
-use $1 printable Target coupon here
Final cost .79 cents a bag 

Print $3 off Kashi bars click here 

My Thrifty Walgreens Deals

These items before discounts and coupons would have been over $48.00
I  paid $8.18 +tax

Free items

Reynold’s Wrap $0.89 with  in-ad coupon
-use $1off  coupon from 2/8 Sunday coupon insert
=Final cost free after coupons

Hershey’s Single Bars on sale Buy one Get one free with in-ad coupon

-use buy one get one free coupon from 11/9 and 1/25 insert coupon inserts.  Make sure you hand the cashier your MFR (manufacturer) coupon first…then hand them the in-store coupon.  

=Final cost FREE

Items with overages, money makers

Excedrin 20 or 24 ct $1.99, Earn $1 Register Rewards when you buy 1

-use $2 coupon from here
= Final price FREE plus you get $1 back in a RR to use on your next purchase

Rebate items

Oust Air Sanitizer $2.99
-use buy one get one  free from 2/8 Smart source coupon insert
– you will get back $1.00 EasySaver rebate
Final Price: 2 for $.99

Clearance items

pHisoderm Facial Wash .59 cents –click here for details
Secret Flawless deodorant .59 cents –click here for details

For more of this weeks Walgreens match ups click here

What is a register reward? click here for more info