Happy Easter!

First off I just want to tell you all Happy Easter.  I will be going to church as I normally do on Sunday, and spending the day with my family.  I  just wanted to share a family tradition we have of making a BUNNY cake.  Matt’s family makes one every Easter, and have passed the tradition on to my kids.  

img_0318You  bake  a normal cake mix in 2 circle 9 inch pans.  One of the circles you cut the edges off to make the ears and what is left makes the bunny bow tie.  We got the cake mix for .25 cents at Albertsons about 2 months ago.  We made our own frosting so the whole cake cost less than $2 to make.  My kids love to help and think it the best cake ever!  Simple and Thrifty, but creates great memories for the kids!



Another way to use the Sunday Comics

I get 6 Sunday papers for the coupon inserts.  By the end of the week I have a large pile of papers to take to the recycle bin.  One day my kids were painting at the table, I put down a paper to keep the table clean.  My kids soon started painting the comics on the table instead of there art project.  Now every week I pull out the Sunday Comics and save them for my kids to paint.  They LOVE it, they lay them out on the kitchen floor, and just paint with water.  All it does is make the colors a little darker, but they think it is sooooo fun.  The best part is it’s FREE and easy to clean up!  In the summer time I even send them outside to paint them on the sidewalk,

Obama welcome to our World

The other day it was early in the morning I was fixing breakfast.  I could hear the kids Playing in their room.  Since News channel 2 came to our house, they have been playing camera man together.  I love to watch them use their  imaginations and listen to  them play.  My daughter kept saying 1,2,3…….Ok I think we got the shot.  They play this for hours at a time, who new a tripod could be so much fun.
We have been teaching the kids what town we live in, our phone number, our street address.  Also things like who our President is, where daddy works, just basic info.  So as I was listening to the kids play I heard my 4 year old daughter say
” Obama welcome to our world, this is how you use a coupon….this is my BLOG”
 I thought this was SO funny I could not help but laugh!  I am glad my daughter wants to share coupons with the world.