Guess My Savings WINNER

I earned $18.39 for buying these items 
Yes they were all free….

And the winner is THE NERATKOS she guessed An OVERAGE of $4.50
Congratulations…you  will get a free First Aid kit and a 3 pack of razors over a $10 value
Thanks to all who played!  Hope you will all play again next week!

Transaction #1

5- Boxes Betty Crockers Fruit Snacks Used 2/ $1 off couons from the box
8-Cans of Progresso soup Used $6.40 worth of coupons from here and here
7- Rolls of Grand Biscuits Used $1.50 worth of coupons right from the can
 When I paid I used the  Rite Aid coupon for 5 off 20$ order
Then I paid with $9.90 of coupons listed above, then  $13.50 in Catalina coupons from yesterday
SO total cash out of pocket  $3.90 ….but since I bought 2o participating products I got back 2/ $10 catalinas back.  Plus a $3.50 catalina for the 5 boxes of fruit snacks. 
SO I walked away with a $23.50 credit of catalina coupons ( which are like cash, so don’t loose them)
Transaction #2
2- Packs of bread
5-  Venus Razors that were $8.99, on clearance for $2.24 ( used $2 coupon from 2/8 P&G coupon insert)
5- Mini Band Aid First Aide Kits $1.19 ( used $1 off Band Aid products from 2/8 P&G coupon Insert)
When I paid I used the  Rite Aid coupon for 5 off 20$ order
Then I used my 5 /$2 razor coupons and my 5/$1 band aid coupons
Total cash out of pocket $1.21

Total for both Transactions
Cash out of pocket was $5.11 but I got back $23.50 in Catalinas so it was all free plus I earned $18.39 for my next shopping trip.
I got an email telling me they wished I would have told you if I used Catalinas, to make it more “fair”.  I will make sure to tell you next week what Catalinas I use….to make it fair for everyone.  But even if I did not use Catalinas this week it would have still given me a $4.89 overage and the winner still would have been the Neratkos.  Hope you all play again next week!

I love being my own ATM (A Thrifty Mom) Getting paid to buy the things my little family needs!

Guess my Albertsons Savings!

Guess My Albertsons Savings!  

Before discount and coupons these items would have cost me over $114.00
I bought:
7- Pillsbury grand biscuits rolls
8- Progresso soup
5-Betty Crocker friut snacks
2 -Packs of bread
5- Venus 3 pack razors
5-Band Aid First Aid kits
This is a little game we play every week, All you need to do is leave a comment with your name and an exact dollar amount guessing how much you think I paid for these items.  The person who is the closest to the actual $ amount will win a prize. I love hearing from you, so leave a comment and maybe you will win! I will end this contest Feb. 21 at 8pm  THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED……to see the winner and all the details click here

Guess my Albertsons Savings WINNER

The winner is……Laura, she guessed $1.26
I paid .76 cents for all these items.
This is how I did it:
Venus razors– normal price $10.99 they were on clearance for $2.74 I had a $2 coupon from this Sundays P&G coupon insert. Which made these .74 cents each.
Mentos gum– Normal price $1.49 they were on clearance for .74 cents I had a coupon for .55 cents from this Sundays coupon insert. Final price .19 cents each.
Total of all 7 items was $3.72, then I gave them a $3.00 catalina coupon.  Total bill= .72 cents
Thanks for all your comments, try to win again next week!
Laura please email me your address so I can send out your prize.

Guess my Albertsons Savings

Guess my Albertsons Savings???

These items before any discount, would have cost $49.92
Now it is time to guess how much you think I paid?
The person who is the closest will win, a Free 2 liter soda coupon
All you have to do is leave me a comment, telling me how much you think I paid, make sure to leave your name, so I can post the winner. I will end this contest tonight at midnight.
HINT- I did use a $3 dollar catalina coupon
Have fun , I love to hear from you!

Please leave an exact figure.