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Refill that printer ink

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Cabin Vacation?

Well its Matt – I have to keep with tradition on starting with my name 😉
I was asked last night if I knew of any Thrifty Tips of finding a vacation deal. Well depending on what you call a vacation, I have it!
I came across this not to long ago and think it sounds like a lot of fun. These vary a little. Some have electricity, some don’t. But that might even make it that much more personal and special.
Most have BBQ grill stations, picnic tables, dishes, beds to sleep on, hiking areas, fishing, even horseback riding in many cases. Below are actual cabins and some views:

Even this old Forest Service Ranger Cabin for an awesome view (not for infants probably)

Now you may asking how much? Is it $250 a night – nope
Is it $199 a night? – nope
Ok – it can’t be under $100 a night, right? -wrong
How about between $10 and $40 bucks?
Think I’m kidding – NOPE – Thrifty Deal – HUH!

These are U.S. Government and Forest Service Cabins. Most are available in the summer, and quite a few in the winter. They have their peak and off peak, and vary in price based on need by the government.
You can set up water sport activities, and all most any outdoor activities you can think of. Check it out for your self at

We just got this Thrifty Tip for Military Families. Through 2009 you can enter any one of the below parks for FREE with 3 dependents also. Click the link below for more info
Sesame Place, Adventure Island, Sea World, Water Country USA, Busch Gardens
Thanks Tyson

A Thrifty Dad deal, half off a PC

Well its Matt again. No this isn’t an error message about something not working, or browsers issues, all though they are fixed today. This is a message about a great deal I got. So the whole blogging thing requires a lot of time and effort on a computer. Well “my” computer went south this week. First I thought by buying a new monitor would fix my issue, but when I went shopping, a monitor would cost me around $200 for one that I could deal with. I do like large monitors. Well while I was shopping at Costco, I found a HP computer, mouse, keyboard, all cables, and a monitor. A 24 inch monitor that also flips around to read like a paper, narrow side to side, but long vertically. Those type of monitors are around $500 by them self. Now you ask ‘What’s the thrifty deal?”. Well The combo computer unit was originally $999.99. It was on sale for $749.97. Something I learned is that if you see the number end with a “7” at Costco, it means it has been marked down. Now when I showed up today there to buy it, they had written “display only”! I didn’t want a display, but I talked to the manager and they knocked off an additional $50. So now the subtotal is $699.97. Well I don’t condone the use of credit cards ( due to spending more then you make) but over the year, buying as at 3% cash back and percentages cash back for other purchases on our American express card, we built up a $215 bonus check this month to use at Costco. So my grand total for my computer $484.97 WOW

So my specification on my pc for you computer geeks:

Pentium Dual-core 2.5 GHz
Ram 4 GB
500 GB internal Hard drive
DVD burner, 15 multi media ports, Windows Vista Premium Home, ect… all the other included software and misc accessories

oh did I mention the 24 inch monitor that turns 90 deg?
If you have a Costco nearby, here is the link to get the American Express Card with the same benefits.
American Express