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Featured on …The Financial Times


So my wife isn’t one to brag, but she has been featured today in Financial Times,
Her blog “A Thrifty Mom” has a write up by Jonathan Birchall titled “Americans embrace cyber moms? blog bargains” from the New York office of the London based newspaper Financial Times, Jonathan calls his newspaper “like the Wall Street Journal, but based in London, we like to think it’s more fun”. Jonathan found her blog and asked if he could interview her. Of coarse Sarah being a small town dairy farm girl was a bit shocked. She actually did some research on the Financial Times, thinking she just got some spam mail. Come to find out it is a legit and high end news source. So she called him back. His British accent made it a fun conversation. In his article he stated:
“In a sign of the demand, Sarah Barrand, a mother of three who launched A Thrifty Mom in Idaho last month, says she is already averaging 1,000 readers a day. To be honest, I had no idea what a blog was a year ago, she says. But it?s taken off like I would never have imagined.”

She is featured with other bloggers such as Southern Savers, Money Saving Mom, The Frugal Mom, Coupon Cravings, and Stephanie Nelson, the Coupon Mom, who has been featured on Oprah, The Today show, and many other news agencies. These are all very large blogs that do quite well. Sarah said she feels so honored to be included with these fellow bloggers.
You can read the full article here:

Tell Sarah what you think.

Idaho Channel 2 News covers A Thrifty Mom
Guess who showed up at my house today?

Click here to read the article

Clcik here to watch the video

Welcome Channel 2 viewers!
These are a few posts you might want to check out.
Coupons 101, how to get started
Freebies 101, info on signing up for free online items
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Nicole from Channel 2 News came to do a story about my blog.
It will be on the 4pm, 5:30, and 10pm news TONIGHT!
Nicole was a sweet heart, and easy to talk with!
It was a lot of fun! But I am nervous to see how it turns out!

Idaho Statesman, Front page of Life section

A Thrifty Mom made the front cover of the Life section today in our local Idaho newspaper, The Idaho Statesman. I was so nervous today waiting for the paper, so I sent my husband Matt to go buy one!

You can read the entire story here: A Thrifty Mom: “Save on your grocery bill with tips from coupon-clipping moms” Thanks to Brenda Gutierrez who wrote this article, and Joe Jaszewski the photographer.

If you are new to couponing we have a couple post that will be of help to you.
First- Coupon 101 – learn the ins and outs of couponing, so you won’t be overwhelmed.
Second- Freebies 101 – learn proper techniques for getting freebies safe.
Start small, dont’ plan an entire month of groceries with a $50 budget. Once you are more familiarised with terms, places to find coupons, and stores that cater to us you’ll be on your way to saving hundreds. Just start by reading these post, and start small. Build up, plan a trip for a few items to see how cheap you can get them! Then you will be addicted.

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