Snapple .25 cents a bottle!!!!


Wow this is a great deal!!!  I just got the heads up that my Caldwell Albertsons ( stadium store)  Has 12 packs of snapple on sale for $3 a 12 pack.  The 4 packs are only $1, most of what they have left is Iced tea.  They are switching to plastic bottles, so all the glass  bottles have got to go.  This sale is at the Caldwell store only, and it is while supplies last!  I might just have to go grab me some snapple!  I love Albertsons!!!

img_0469I just got back from my “snapple run”  I was happy to see they had a large display.  I was able to get 12 four packs, for a total of  $12.72.   At normal price this would have cost $60.00, thanks Albertsons for the Thrifty deal!


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  1. What a great deal! While your there check out the Yuban coffee. At my Albertson’s it was $5.99 for one large coffee can, and when you buy 2 it prints out a $1.00 catalina coupon, it is $10.99 regular price. This sale was going on yesterday, I’m off today so I’m not sure if it ended. The sales last from Wednesday to Tuesdays here so this coffee sale must be a special add price because it has been going on for over a week.

    Thank-you again for all your hard work for us, even working at the store it’s hard for me to keep up with all deals here and every where else.


  2. wow, that is fantastic, I wish there were deals like that around me.

  3. At Walgreens today, I got individual Snapple bottles at $1/3 bottles (with the coupon from the IVC booklet).

    I’m not sure how this worked because the price said $1.19/bottle and the coupon was for $1 wyb 2. I think that should have come to $0.69/bottle.

    I’m not complaining though!

  4. Today while I was at Albertson (Cherry and Ten Mile) they had some Secret deoderant clearanced at .99. I had some coupons that were $1 off of one and others that were $1 off of two. I chose the $1 off one secret so I got 4 Secret deoderants FREE. The deoderants we on a rack back in the meat section.

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