Kohl’s gift card…Check your mailbox!

img_04621I love checking my mailbox!  Today I got an ad from Kohls,  attached to the front was a $10 gift card good towards anything in the store.  It is good April 22-31, I will be planning a trip to Kohls to see what THRIFTY deals I can find! Did you get one in your area?


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  1. I love Kohls but sadly this store is not in my hometown (Roanoke, VA) and it is in Lynchburg, VA which is at least 1 hour drive. Their ad never appear in Roanoke Times newspaper but I might try to contact them to see if they can mail their ad via the mail, I will let you know. Thanks!

  2. Any idea who got the mailer and who didn’t. I love Khols, but didn’t get on today. I’m crossing my fingers it comes tomorrow.

  3. I posted a few weeks ago that when I signed up for the emails I got the $5 any purchase email and a second email for $10 off any. If you don’t get these in the mail try signing up for the emails!

  4. I am a Kohl’s employee in TN, but I’ve always been a huge fan of Kohl’s. My best advice to anyone “new” to Kohl’s is to wait for clearance sales. For example, toddler “spring” clothing is already marked down 80% at my Kohl’s. I was able to get Carter’s and Osh Gosh pieces for $3.20. As for who gets coupons and when, some mailers are specific to certain user groups-Visa card users who don’t have a Kohl’s charge card was a recent promotion. The Kohl’s charge is a great way to save 15-30% each month with coupons. You can pay off your balance right after you make a transaction, and keep your debt at 0.

  5. Thanks Heather! This is a great tip!

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