Free Arbys Roastburger


If you want a FREE Arbys Roastburger all you have to do is text “ROASTED to74700”  you will then get a text back for a FREE Arbys roastburger with the purchase of a drink.  You will need to show the store your text, expires 4/30/09.  Please note that not all stores participate, so it is a good idea to call your local stores to see if they are part of this promo.

I guess I should learn to text……I know I am so “old school”, A year ago I did not even know what a blog was, don’t laugh!

Thanks Money Saving Mom for this Thrifty Tip


3 Responses

  1. How cool! I got back my message for a free sandwich in about 5 seconds!

  2. boohoo
    Pocatello Arby’s is not participating–I called

  3. Chubbuck’s Arby’s starts for sure on April 30–maybe sooner
    Kind of wierd huh

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