Walgreens clearance tip!

pringlesA tip from one of my readers,

Just got back from my local Walgreens and found a great clearance deal.  They had tons of original Pringles on clearance for 59 cents a can.  There were $1 off 2 coupons in the 4/5 P&G insert.  I had three of these coupons so I got 6 cans for 54 cents!

Please note that not all stores clearance at the same time,  so your store may not have them marked down.  But you might want to check your local stores!  Thanks Melody for this Thrifty tip!

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10 Responses

  1. Is there a clearance endcap like at Target? Or would this deal just be put in with the rest of the regular priced Pringles?

  2. Actually, I should have mentioned, these were on an endcap. At the end of the food aisle in my Walgreens. Sorry!

  3. I went to 2 of my local Walgreen’s and neither had the pringles on clearance =(

    manager said each Walgreens clearance items are per store

  4. which wags location? The only mfq’s I have are for off a 180g size, I believe (don’t have it right in front of me)..and I looked last time and thought the regular ones were smaller… is it a different q?

  5. The cans I got were 170g, I didn’t even notice what size the coupon specified, but they worked just fine. These were just the ones from the regular P&G insert in the Sunday paper.

  6. I have 2 Walgreeen’s that I regularly visit in west Boise. One had the Pringle’s on clearance for $.44 per can. I bought 4 and left the rest for the next lucky couponer!! These were actually in the food aisle, not on an end cap. Each store has a spot for their clearance items. I check it out every visit. Sometimes lucky, sometimes not!

  7. I didn’t see any at the State St Walgreens by Winco tonight (4/15).

  8. oops…….forgot to mention the Walgreen’s the 44 cent Pringles were at. Corner of State & Glenwood. I have found them to usually have a nice clearance selection. Also, sometimes their prices are a bit lower on regular items…………no clue why. The skintimates were $2.49 there & the Walgreen’s on the corner of Fairview and Milwaukee had them at $2.99. Have found that on other items too. Anyone know why?

  9. If the coupon says “ONE COUPON PER PURCHASE”, how do you go about getting multiple items like shown in your pic’s?

  10. Jen, if it says one per purchase it means one per item per purchase…if it says one per transaction then you can only use one. At least that is how my store d o it around here. The manufacturer of the coupon gives the store the right to limit you or allow it…so if is up to the store in the end but that is how my stores do it

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