New gift card offer

Nicole’s Savings Advantage  $25 gift card offer

Save up to 75% on stores like Target, Office Depot, Wal-Mart, and Starbucks.
On brands like Polo, Nike, Chanel, and HP. On travel, apparel, pharmaceuticals,
electronics – things you buy every day. Try it today and get a Free $25 Gift Card.

Please note there is a $1.95 fee….but that is pretty good for a $25 gift card.  You will get a 30 day trial, if you don’t like it just cancel it.  You will get your trial info in the mail first, then the gift card.  If you do not plan to stay a member turn around and send the cancel notice right back to end your membership.  So keep your eye on your mail box!

I have never done this, have any of you?  I know it is from a good company, you just have to follow all the steps in order to get the good deal!

 Click on logo above to check it out!  Make sure you read my freebies 101 post at avoid junk mail!

3 Responses

  1. Just few days back I canceled mine after waiting for a month for the Gift card. All I got was a welcome CD and pharmacy card. Loss – $1.95 and the fear that it might be a scam and I lost my credit card details to them. Personally I think this is not a good offer to risk.

  2. I got this last month, you have to really watch the mail….I canceled at the end of the 30 days a few days later my card came. I think must have been in the mail before I cancelled…it was a great deal for me!

  3. Just right before I read your post I was checking my own details on this offer. It has been about 25 days since I signed up for the 30 day trail. I received the same things in the mail as Jo (cd & pharmacy card) and about 13 days after signing up I received a form in the mail to fill out: To confirm your mailing address and eligibility to receive the gift card as a new member … fill out and mail back. I turned this around right-a-way, received one day and had it back out in the mail the next ~ that was about 10 days ago ~ I will be cancelling by the end of the week for certain. I’ll have to wait and see if the gift card shows up. I have done some other offers like this, and usually the gift card is just sent without any additional information being needed. If you haven’t done this before I’d do these first: ($20 Lowe’s Card) & (keep checking back on this one, currently they don’t have an offer, but I just did one with them too.) These are two I did recently – they are quick and uncomplicated … just keep track of your dates well in case you decide you don’t want the service they offer.

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