10 ways to work from home

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3 Responses

  1. I cannot find my vitamin water coupon anywhere but I live in caldwell and I saw that you got it so I was just wondering if there was a chance we get different coupons? I could have just missed it in cutting too. Also just out of curiosty what was the price on the bryers ice cream? I have the coupon for it, I’ll just have to watch for another sale.

    Also I had a question about RR or catalina’s If you buy an item and it spits out a RR can you use that RR for another item that is differnt but also has an RR on it and the RR will still come out? That may sound confusing but I was just wondering if you can use an RR on a differnt item(as long as it is not the same one) and then still get an RR?


  2. Deborah,
    The vitamin water did not come in my paper, I made a note that not all areas get the same coupons. It was in many others paper, being that I have readers all over I list deals that are out there….even if I can not get them myself.
    As for the RR question yes you can pay with a RR on a DIFFERENT item and have another one print. If you pay with the same catalina it will not print another one. SO just mix them up and it should work fine

  3. Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

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