My Thrifty Walgreens Deals

Before coupons or sale, these items would have cost $28.53

I got them for $1.36, which I paid with a gift card from my rebates

So I got it all for FREE!

In this weeks Walgreens ad, on page 6 they have a promo going on.  Buy 6 or more in participating items and get a $6 Register Reward back to use towards your next in-store purchase.  They show 15 items that work for the register reward, but at my store they also had tags around the store on items that work.  They had  deodorant on clearance that was part of the promo.  The men’s was only $1.09 and the woman’s was $2.19, the .75 cents off coupons also work on these from the 3/1 Red Plum.  I also bought the Vaseline lotion and used the $1.25 coupon from 4/5 unilever insert.  I bought 4 clearance Easter eggs so I could even out my coupon/item ratio and pay with catalinas from last week.

Total due was $9.36 I paid with $8 in catalina leaving me with a $1.36 balance

I paid with a gift card that I got for doing rebates last month.  Making these totally FREE

Plus I got a $6 register reward back !


7 Responses

  1. I can’t wait till i get the total hang of this stuff so i can have a receipt that looks like that. =) Way to go !

  2. I’m still trying to figure out Catalina coupons. Grocery stores in my area do not advertise Catalinas, yet I know some of the stores print them. How do you know if there is a Catalina offer on an item? Thank you!

  3. We try and tell you what they are, but not even the store managers know when or what. Its one of those secret deals to keep you guessing. But if you find one that no one has talked about let us know so we can pass it on. That’s really how it works. Word of mouth

  4. Could you explain the “coupon/item ratio”?

  5. Jan,
    At Walgreens you can only have as many coupons as items….but they count a register reward or catalina as a coupon. SO if you are buying 2 things both with a coupon and want to pay with a catalina the register will beep and will not allow you to pay with it. Being that you only have 2 items and 3 coupons. The way to get around this is to buy a cheap “filler ” item ( like the egg candy” It brings my items and coupons ratio equal…allowing me to pay with my catalinas.

    Here is another post I did on it

  6. That was a really good find. I enjoyed wondering around your site and you and your hubby are adorable.

  7. Thanks…..that is sweet of you to say!

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