Albertsons Ad April 15-21

albertsonsPlease note that I just list the deals that I think are the most “thrifty”.  So please check over you ad for any deals I may have missed.

In-store  Ad coupons

  • Shoppers Value Macaroni and Cheese .37 cents each -limit 6
  • Michelina’s Budget Gourmet .59 cents -limit 6
  • Power Bar .68 cents -limit 6
  • Oscar Mayer Meat Wieners $1.48 limit 2
  • Village Market Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast sold in 4 lb bag $7.16- limit 4 bags
  • Arctis shores Extra Large Raw Shrimp 2 lb bag $9.98- limit 2
  • Shoppers Value Dog Food 32 lb bag $9.99-limit 2

Country Farms Bread $1.47 each

Fresh Cantaloupe .48 cents a lb

Buy 10 powerade get 5 free ( .50 cents each when you buy 15)

 Kotex Lightdays Pantyliners 22 ct 10 for $10

  •  use  .75 coupon from 4/5 smart source coupon insert or here
  • Final price .25 cents

Save $5 ( catalina) on your next shopping trip when you spend $20 on

  • Viva paper Towels 6 rolls $6.99  

  • Cottonelle Bath Tissue 12 double rolls $6.99 ( use .50 cent coupon from 3/29 smart source)  

  • Kleenex Facial Tissue $1.39 ( use .50 cent off 3 coupon from 4/5 smart source   

  • Scotts Bath Tissue Or paper Towel 12 ct double bath Tissue or 4 ct paper towels $7.99

Save $3 instantly when you spend $15 on  over 400 items

Gatorade G2 or Tiger Thirst Quencher $1  (.80 cents with $3 promo)

  • there is also a $2 catalina printing out on the gatorades   

  • when you buy 7 a $2 catalina prints off for $2 off your next 9 bottles of gatorade, or if  you buy 10 a $2 catalina prints off for your next 15 bottles.  The $2 catalina that prints out for the gatorade expires 6/10/09.

Rice a Roni $1.25  ($1.00 with $3 promo)

  • use $1.00 off 3 coupon from here  

  • final price 67 cents

Chewy Quaker Granola $2 each ($1.60 with $3 promo)


  • Use 75 cents off 2 coupons from 3/8 red plum coupon or here  

  • final price $ 1.10

Quaker True delights Granola bars $2.50  ($2.00 with $3 promo)

  • use $1.00 off coupon from 3/1 Red Plum or here  

  • Final price $1.00

Lays Kettle Cooked Chips $2.79  ($2.23 with $3 promo)

  • use $1 off 2 coupons for 4/5 smart source  

  • final price $1.73  

Trop50 orange juice $3.00 each ($2.40 with $3 promo)

  • use $1 off one coupon from here  

  • final price $1.40 each

Thanks PYP for help with these match ups





9 Responses

  1. Is the catalina printing for the gatorade that is buy 10 get 5 free?

  2. Kim,
    that sale is for powerade… it is NOT part of the catalina…bummer! thanks for the question!

  3. Thanks for this awesome line-up! I am going to link to your post on my blog.

  4. I have been at Albertsons and this is the second time they have not rung up all my coupons. It is the same cashier. How do you keep track of the coupons they put in before you pay? I even tell her how many I have. This is at the older Caldwell store. Thank you for everything that you do. I have saved and stocked up so much because of your web page. I’m making the crockpot chicken tomorrow.

  5. I just watch them as they ring them up…..I guess I have had great luck. I pretty much only shop at the stadium caldwell store….they are so coupon friendly

  6. The $2 cat that printed out for the gatorade exspires 6/10/09. I Hope that helps!

  7. Thanks Marcy!!!!! I will update the post

  8. This sale was not valid in my area: DFW, Texas. I got ready to go with my list and nothing was on sale per the list??? This hasn’t happened before and I’m not sure why ???? Thanks, and I’ll be sure to check the weekly flier before I go next time…

  9. Well watch close to the ad, because they usually follow the next week or so..

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