Speed up your Computer Giveaway!


We are pleased to bring you this A Thrifty Mom Giveaway from iolo’s System Mechanic. They contacted us last month and asked if I wanted to try their product out. I agreed and installed it on my wife’s laptop. This laptop computer is kind of old and it is VERY slow. Poor Sarah always got frustrated trying to enter her post on the site when the computer would freeze and lock up. All of her hard work would get lost and she would have to restart the computer. I tried just about everything on it, from free virus scanners to paid name brand security products. Nothing worked! Till Allison from iolo contacted us. I installed it a month ago and Sarah has been thrilled. No crashes, no laggy computer trying to load something or freezing on her while she is trying to by the Thrifty Mom.

Sarah’s old laptop used to run the cooling fan at high speeds and seemed to get hot, because there was so many different problems running at the same time. Since I installed this its been quite as can be. Its fast, and never lags, or freezes. We almost forget its even there, as it cleans and speeds up the computer while its on and she is away with the kids.

So Here’s the giveaway:

5 winners will get one download for up to 3 different computers!

Normal price is $49 to purchase!

Free for 5 lucky A Thrifty Mom readers

Read more for ways to enter and more information

Click the link to continue reading

Please leave a separate comment for each entry on this post ONLY. There are 5 ways to enter:

  • Leave me a comment HERE telling me why you read my blog, or how you found it.
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    Do each of these and you can enter up to 5 times! Good Luck

Now I was hesitant to install just any old program. I did my research on the company before I used the product. So these are some of the awards I found for iolo’s System Mechanic:

  • Best Buy – Consumer Digest
  • Cool Tools 5 stars – Network World
  • Editor’s Choice – Laptop Magazine
  • Editor’s Choice – PC Magazine
  • Editor’s Choice – CNET
  • Top 10 software products – CNET
  • Editor’s Pick – ZDNet
  • Editor’s Choice – PC World
  • 5-Stars – Download.com
    System Mechanic, the #1 best selling PC tune-up product according to NPD Reports, is a comprehensive utility suite designed to keep computers in peak operating condition. The software combines over 40 robust tools in an integrated console designed to make it easy to fix, speed-up, and maintain PCs. Patent-pending ActiveCare™ technology proactively keeps computers operating at maximum performance by performing repairs and optimizations when the system is on but not being used, never interrupting the owner.
    iolo technologies has been at the helm of the PC tune-up industry for 10 years now. During those 10 years and in eight versions, System Mechanic was repeatedly first-to-market with new features and technical innovations. In 2002 it was officially endorsed by the Microsoft Designed for Windows XP Logo program. In 2006 it became one of the very first software programs to have Windows Vista compatibility and in 2008 it leads the industry with its 64-bit compatibility. Going well beyond so-called “registry cleaners”, System Mechanic includes a comprehensive solution with more than 40 different advanced PC tune-up tools that fix computer problems, restore like-new performance, and maintain overall ongoing reliability. The software is suitable for both PC novices and experts alike.

This giveaway will end Tues April 21, 2009 at 10pm. In order to win, you
must provide your name, Anonymous comments will be deleted. I will be
notifying the winner by email, and in a post on my blog. The winner
will be chosen at random. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to
me with their name and address. (and no your email will not be sent to
be used to send spam to by us or anyone else, I hate spam as much as
the next)If this information is not received within 48 hours a new
winner will be chosen.


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    Rebecca Hall

  78. please enter me. 😉 i subscribe to your posts.
    my laptop is doing the exact same thing….. i don’t want to lose it. i cant see the funds for a new computer in the near future. my purse strings cant get any tighter or else i wont be able to squeeze a finger in it. 🙂

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  83. I found your site on the freebie blogger. If you could have seen how long it took to just get your page up you would say she really needs to speed up her computer.My computer is almost 10 years old and it acts just like it is 100. So remember me when you give those away

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  85. Could you explain a little more how to enter the other 4 ways to win the computer system? I am not much with computers, so I need a little help. Thanks, Pam

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  98. I was reading the paper one day and discovered you. I thought how great is this lady and she lives in Caldwell. WOW. Ever since then I read daily to find out where all of the great deals are. Thanks A Thrifty Mom!!

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  100. I could use a little help speeding up my computer.

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    I found out about you through a gal in our neighborhood who sends daily”deals” in our area.
    I also took a coupon 101 class and your mother-in-law was in the class. She is so proud of you!!
    Thanks for all that you do!
    Idaho Falls, ID

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  105. My PC has the hiccups…sad day!

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    Best wishes to you and your beautiful family.
    Jennifer 🙂

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  118. I have been using this blog for a few months and it is one of the best for info and coupon savings. thanks for sharing. Peggywhiz

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