Free samples from Eversave

Click here to get free samples, recipes and tips from Eversave.
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3 Responses

  1. Curious about Eversave?? It takes a while to clich (skip0- throught all the shady looking deals. I don’t ever see the great coupons everyone talks about??

    Please fill me in ?

  2. Ok so I FINNALLY got through clicking skip for everythng and there is nothing specila about these coupons. They are the exact same coupons I have already looked throught on other sites. I have only seen maybe 4 differnt coupon pages (like, valu pac, red plum, smartsource) but hey seem so similar or hae the same coupons.

    Hearing people rave about Eversae I must be missing something???

    Please share your opinion with me:)

  3. Yeah we just did ours, and it does take some time to click to the end. We will see once we get ours in the mail. We still prefer thats why we have them listed on our side bars. let me know when you get yours.

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