FREE Hershey’s Chocolate at Walgreens

img_0387Walgreens has all their Easter items and candy 50% off.  They have the Hershey’s kisses priced  2 for $5 normal price.  So at half off you can get 4 for $5.  This month they have a Easy Saver Rebate #25 that will give you $5 back when you buy 4, click here to see webpage.  This will make them FREE!  If you have coupons for them, it will then make it a money maker for you!

Now that is a Thrifty Deal!


8 Responses

  1. I can’t wait to get out and do some ‘free’ shopping!! 🙂


  3. Yes for this offer its one per month for each product on this particular rebate..

  4. Just cashed in on that! Thanks! Money maker for me!

    Sarah. I just realized YOU were the one I asked a question to at Albertsons last week. I had no idea it was you till I started studying your picture on this site. RANDOM. I KNEW u looked like u knew what you were doing. haha.

  5. how funny – don’t study my picture too hard, I might break your glasses—Matt
    I’ll let Sarah know- she’s out shopping, go figure.

  6. Hey, just wanted to let you know that Walgreens (at least where I am in Atlanta) has Welches 22oz squeezable jelly on clearance for 74 cents. There is also a coupon out there for .55/1 – not sure what insert it was in. But I was able to score three for cheap!

  7. I love your site. A friend told me about it a week ago..I think I’m addicted. Anyway I am interested in getting multiple copies of the newspaper. You mention a link to find out about newspapers for areas other than ID. I can’t find the actual link. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks Jamie

  8. Jamie, click on the photo of the rolled up papers on my side bar….at the bottom in a link to discounted papers nation wide.

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