Fred Meyer April 12-18

fredmeyer21A few good deal you might want to check out this week:

Fresh lean ground beef $1.59 a lb

Tomatoes on the Vine .98 cents a lb

Rice A Roni or Pasta Roni 5 for $5  ( also use $1 off 3 coupon from here)

In store coupons:

Hershey’s candy bars 3 for $1 (first 6)

Fred Meyer cheese 6-8 oz 4 for $5 ( first 4)

County oven or Vita-Bee bread 4 for $5 ( first 4)

Fred Meyer Milk or Orange Juice half gallon 10 for $10 ( first 10)

Let me know if you come across any other good deals at Fred Meyer.

I will be happy to post them.


4 Responses

  1. Just stopped at Freddies. Head of lettuce was 78 cents and Bertolli’s frozen dinners were $4.98, but there was also in an in store coupon near them for 3 for $4.49 each. I didn’t buy any of these, but they qualify for the Univlever rebate for your Easter ham or turkey, and are a better price than others I have seen, so thought I would pass it on.

    Love your site. Follow it closely!!

  2. They also have the Bertolli dinners on sale for $4.98 … that’s $1 less than Walgreen’s. 🙂

  3. Pasta sides are also .98 cents at Walmart and there were .75 cents off 2 mfq’s!! Also I spotted hamburger helper 2 packs at Meridian Walmart tonight for .98 cents! (They are on an end cap)

  4. i heard that the 25 pound bags of flour were $5.00 but I haven’t been able to make it there to check for myself.

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