Bliss Chocolate .16 cents at Target

blissTarget has their Easter Candy on sale for 50% off, making the bliss chocolate $1.56 a bag.  You can make it an even better deal buy using a manufacturer coupon from here, and also using an in-store coupon from here.  Final price .16 cents a bag!  Now that is a Thrifty deal!

To get Free Hershey’s chocolate at Walgreens click here.

Thanks Bargain Jargon for this Thrifty Tip

7 Responses

  1. So, I tried this at my non-regular Target, and what do I get? I get denied! lol

    The cashier was like you cant use both coupons for you would get an overage, and I asked if she could adjust the Target one, and she said that wasnt “allowed.”

    She also denied my Axe $1/1 shower gel b/c it was only $.97! UGH

    Im sticking with my regular super target!

  2. Yeah once you find the right store, we will go out of our way to give that store our business. As couponers we should give our business to the stores that are coupon friendly. Although it is a “target” store. each store is watched for business growth. Why not give that store manager a pat on the back for promoting coupons at their store!. New to coupons? Worried that coupons take away store profit? think not- they actuall make 8 cents per coupon each time you hand over one to them. read
    Better luck next time..

  3. FYI I tried the bliss deal at Walgreens and it wouldn’t work. The manager said since it wouldn’t ring up he wouldn’t manually enter it. I didn’t argue bc I was making money off the M&Ms and I truly don’t need more reasons to gain weight.

  4. Maybe I’m slow here or something. But when I went to print out the coupons, both the Manufacturer’s coupon and the in-store coupon were both for $1 off. If they are already $1.56, how does the math work if both coupons are used and $2 is taken off? I’m coming up with a .44 overage. You said the total would be .16. If I only use one, then that’s .56. HELP!

  5. I got this from a friend. And I think it will create an overage. Here is a post about Target’s coupon policy. Its best to read this before you go in. And talk to the manager before you buy. Most of the times they are unaware of their own policies

  6. I have a question. If you have 2 manufacture coupons and 2 Target coupons. Will they except both? On the target coupons it says (in fine print)”Limit one offer per transaction”. Has this happened to you? I also want to get 6 of the market pantry fruit snacks. Do you think they will let me. I am going to go to the Target in Nampa. I have a whole list of items that I want to take advantage of.

  7. Daleene, when I go I split them up. But I know some cashiers will ring them all up together. But to be on the safe side I would just buy them in separate transactions….or ask up front. It never hurts to ask!

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