Don’t forget to say Thank You!

As many of you know I have two neighbors that like to share their Sunday coupons with me.  One of them is the cutest little old lady you will ever meet.  Her name is Norma she is 91 years old, she has more energy than me most days.  She has been a widow for over 40 years and lives on a limited budget.  Being that she gives me her coupons, I like to pass my good deals on to her.  I think the first time I put a bow around a bunch of food she thought I was a little nuts. Now  she always gets a big smile.   The kids love taking “Grandma Norma” Thrifty gifts.    This last week I was able to get such a good deal on cereal at Albertsons, we had to share!



7 Responses

  1. I agree about remembering to say thanks, AND to help those on a fixed budget. My parents areon S.S. and my mother is diabetic. While she will take a .40 cent oupon to the grocery with no problem, she won’t tackle the more complicated deals. She had never tried Glucerna cereal as she thought it was too expensive, but is now throughly enjoying all the boxes I have gotten her. Again, she wouldn’t call the toll free number for a free coupon, but is looking forward to getting the on I had sent to her =)

  2. That is precious!

  3. This is so sweet of you and your kids to do.

  4. Wonderful that you are teaching your kids this. Pay it forward it my motto.

  5. Such a sweet idea!

  6. very thoughtful…a great reminder on how we should be with our friends and neighbors. A great lesson for you children too.

  7. That is so wonderful! We have two older gals in our ward who save their coupons for me and we also ‘take care of them’! While I dont yet do as great as you with my coupons(I’m learning), we check on them weekly and give them produce from our garden and free eledctronics/help(we own an electronics store in Caldwell). Its heartwarming to see other families taking care of our precious senior citizens!!! Happy Easter!!

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