Info to work from home

Just a simple request for info. No sign ups, no surveys. This is a company that is backed by the Better Business Bureaus and the US Chamber of Commerce.  The founder shown here photo_realsolutionskdyes She says: “Many women after becoming single parents get out there and pound the pavement looking for a job or a second job in some cases. Their kids must adapt to a new life as well–one that includes daycare or after school care in addition to the other changes that kids go through when their parents divorce or separate.The FourPointMoms program is perfect for single and married moms! I have been working from home for over 6 years now and the income generated by my business allows me, as a single parent, to stay home full time with my sons.”

  • Selling or Product Handling
  • Contracts
  • Telemarketing
  • Large Investment
  • Risk

Click the logo above or click here to request more information


One Response

  1. Does anyone actually know of a good stay at home job this seems bogus.

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