Free Good Seasons


At Albertsons

I am asked every week how I know about catalina deals? Being that most the time they ARE NOT printed on my store ad.  Every now and then you will get a print out at the register that tells you one is going to start.  Other than that you just have to rely on word of mouth.  SO if you ever get a print out on an up coming catalina deal please make sure you pass it on!  Thanks to my friend Jenn who emailed me this Catalina info last night.

I got a print out that a promo starts 4/10 through 5/3 for the Good Seasons dressing mixes:
buy 2 get $.75 oyno ( on you next shopping trip) or a Catalina good to use next time
buy 3 get $1.50 oyno
buy  4 + get $2.50 oyno
They are on sale for $1.00 but are part of the $10 meat promo which makes them $.60, 4 x $.60=$2.40 but get $2.50 catalina back means they are paying you $.10 to buy the mixes.  As you probably know, these are pretty versatile and can be used for a lot more than just 
Salad dressing.


6 Responses

  1. So, is this one of those where you need to make sure you only have 4 in one transaction? Or will you get $5 in catalinas if you buy 8?

  2. You would need to split them up…I think

  3. The print out states that 4 OR MORE gets you a $2.50 catalina, so you would definitely want to split them up.

  4. Here is another deal at Albertson’s valid through 4/14/09.

    Tropicana is on sale this week 2/$5. There are coupons in store for buy 2 Tropicana, get a dozen Albertson’s eggs free (up to $2). Here’s how to get 5 cartons of Tropicana 50% less sugar and 2 dozen eggs for about $4.

    1st Print off 4 of these coupons: Tropicana, Trop50, save $1.00. – the link is on my blog. (You will need to hit your back button, and sign up with two different accounts.)
    2nd Pick up 4 Trop50 @ 2/$5
    3rd Pick up 2 packages of 1 dozen eggs (try to pick the cheapest ones as $2 will come off you order no matter the cost of the eggs)
    4th Get 2 of the free eggs coupons (by the egg case)
    5th Check out. Scan 4 Tropicana, 2 eggs, and 4 Tropicana coupons, and 2 eggs coupons. = $2 after all coupons!

    GET: 1 Free Tropicana Catalina coupon valid on your next purchase- this is part of the Tropicana club and is automatic. WOW! 5 cartons of Tropicana, 2 dozen eggs for around $4!

    P.S. I LOVE your blog!

  5. I got a 3.00 catalina yesterday for buying some of the kraft salads that are on sale for 10/$10. Bought 3 and got a $3 catalina essentially making them free.

  6. I wish I would have read these comments. Bought 8 of the Good Seasons thinking I would get 2 of the $2.50 catalina back. NOPE….just one. This has happened to me I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me this time. Bummer.

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