Free Axe Body Wash at Walmart

Would have cost me $15.52 but I got it FREE!


In Sundays Paper 4/5 they had a coupon for $1 off any one AXE shower Gel or Detailer shower tool.  It was in the Unilever/ Valassis Coupon insert.  Today while I was at Walmart I noticed they have trail sized for .97 cents each.  Being that the coupon said any size you can use them on trial size !  Making them free, I spoke with the manager to make sure I could use the coupon being that the coupon is 3 cents more than the item.  He said it was fine.  Their corporate coupon policy does not say what their policy is, for an overage.  He is looking into it for me to get an answer in writing.   The coupon in good till June so you have plenty of time to find it in stock, and get them free! 

Update***  My readers have told me they also have them for the same price at Target

I personally do not need this, but I picked them up to donate.  There are many homeless or crisis shelters that also are in need of items like this.  



14 Responses

  1. How do you get so many with one coupon? Thanks!

  2. This is a Unilever product, so the purchase works toward the $20 Ham rebate too!

  3. It was not with one coupon…I had 16 separate coupons.

  4. Sarah, two questions for you. First, what is an RSS feed? and second, when you donate items, where do you take them. I would like to get these and donate them also. Thanks!

  5. LOVE to hear that you are planning to donate all of these… sometimes I wonder… why on Earth would you need THAT many of ‘item xyz’…. so THANKS for donating! I hope others do this too! 🙂

  6. We just got back from our donation run. stay tuned for the post Sarah will do.

  7. I think it’s great that you dontate an item that you don’t need but I think it might be even better to wait until the coupon is closer to expire then use it. That would give the people the actually use and need this item, a chance to get down to the store and use it. I have 12 of these coupons but have not had a chance to go down and purchase any yet. My SIL was at the Wal Mart in Caldwell this afternoon and told me they were already gone 😦

  8. Cassie…they always go fast right after I post a deal….just give it a few weeks then everyone will forget about it and there will be plenty! It is good till June so you have a while to snag a great deal

  9. Excellent!! I haven’t heard this one yet – will check it out. I was in WM yesterday looking for the Olay soap that was supposed to be $1.97 (could get it free with the $2 off Olay coupon) but mine was still at $2.48. Gotta go check this out!

    As for those who wonder why you would need so many – these are great for for teacher gifts (for men of course) or for the men in the family at Christmas time. And if you have a son who is not fond of showering, a fun new body wash sometimes gets them interested!

    Thanks again for the tip!

  10. I just went to Target and they had plenty for the same price! I got some to put in my 72 hr. kits for my boys (I only get 2 papers). Thanks for all your hints/tips/tricks to save and even get free stuff. Lorie

  11. Does the coupon beep at either Walmart or Target?

  12. My cashier was worried about it….she called the manager over…they checked the size and fine print, they saw it all checked out and I did not have any trouble with it.

  13. Thanks for the info!

    will send my readers your way!

  14. Where can I get the coupon now?

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