Airhead Xtremes only .9 cents at Walmart

Before coupons these would have cost $7.04

I paid .99 cents plus tax

There was a coupon in the 3/22 smart source for .55 off  one  Xtremes Airheads.

I found these today at the register at Walmart for only .64 cents each. 

With the coupon they are only .9 cents each.

I bought 11 of them and plan to put them in my kids Easter basket.



6 Responses

  1. I was at WalMart today and tried to buy these. Sadly my local WalMart refused to let me use more than one of the same coupon. There were so many other coupon issues at WalMart today, I just left without buying anything. I was nice, sadly they weren’t. I’m finding it hard in this part of SoCal to find stores that are coupon friendly…any tips?

  2. What was his reason? I am happy to hear you were nice, but sad to hear they were not. I don’t shop at Walmart much, I am tring to get to know the managers better to get a better understanding of their coupon policy but I too am having a hard time getting straight answers.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I went out tonight and got 6. They were up by the registers. Thankfully I had no trouble, but it’s a love hate relationship I have with Wal-Mart. Sometimes I love a thrifty deal too much, though, to stop shopping there completely. So if anyone knows some more great deals please let us all know.

    And good luck in So.Cali. Hopefully it will work out…maybe try again with a different cashier or manager.

  4. I picked up 2 of these last week at Meijer (which is like a Wal-mart, but mostly just here in the Midwest) and thought my kids would be excited I brought home some candy. Sadly enough they don’t like them. I guess I’ll just have to eat ’em.

    The coupon issue that Rachel had is why I don’t go to Wal-mart, plus I find that our Meijer has better sales. When you add that with a coupon or 3 your money goes farther. Too bad her Wal-mart isn’t very friendly.

  5. Hi! I read the comment from the lady in So. Cal. I’ve actually been yelled at by a cashier at Kroger. I wish at the time I had asked to see a manager. Anyway, I let it go, tried another Kroger, and it was fine. I am now trying to find cashiers who seem friendly. I also try to know my cashiers (i.e. the girl who works at Walgreens on Sunday is so nice!). When I know I am going to do some shopping, seriously, I pray before I go. I pray that God will help me make wise decisions and that things will go well. Have you tried contacting Walmart headquarters or talking to a manager?

  6. I have also had problems with the Walmart in Jerome, ID not wanting me to use more than one of the same coupon. The cashier I had did request another cashier to come over, and they finally let me use the coupons I was wanting to use. They were very hesitant though. I haven’t tried again since then.

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