100 Free VistaPrint Postcards

I made a postcard (you can see it below) to hand out to our friends that we meet while shopping. Click the logo above to make your postcards for FREE.  You will have to pay shipping  $6.49…still a great deal!



2 Responses

  1. Great deal! I have ordered from their website before and they do a good job.
    Question unrelated: I am loving learning about spending less per week, but since I am working on building up my food reserves-any tips? I am still spending about 100 per week to get my necessary items while getting the good priced ones on sale to build up. My goal is to get down to $50 per week but it doesn’t seem realistic right now.

    Also the granola bars are delicious and Trail MIx crunch is really good in them.

  2. Kristi,
    You will get there…..As you find sales and stock up you will build a supply as it grows those are things you will not have to buy again for months. Like cereal…Most of us won’t need post cereal for a year now….that is at least $5 off a month you won’t have to spend. Just keep at it and your supply will grow…good job!

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