My Thrifty Walgreens deals

Before coupons or sale price these would have cost me $6.97 plus tax

But I only paid .71 cents

Plus I got back a $2 catalina

Palmolive dish soap $1.99

  • use in-store ad coupon for .99 cents
  • Also use .25 cents off MFR (manufacturer coupon) from 3/29 smart source coupon insert
  • Final price .74 cents each

Chap stick True shimmer priced at $2.99 but rang up at $1.99

I also paid with a $2 register reward from last week


9 Responses

  1. I was able to make out great with the desitine sale at Walgreens all because I found coupons at my pediatric practice. Every time I go a grab one. Usually there are samples of desitin and J&J in the waiting room. Well inside the sample there is a $1/1 2oz and larger. I also noticed in the Dr office itself there were pads of coupons for children’s Tylenol, little noses nose drops and so on (but don’t worry I didn’t take the whole pad). Just another place to be on the look out for coupons.

  2. I am glad to know the chapstick catalina is still printing. Do you know how long that RR is good for?

  3. I do not know…if any one does please post it!

  4. Is the catalina for the chapstick or palmolive?

  5. I went to a Walgreens store today to purchase some of the specials. When I went to the register to purchase my soda, they said I could only use one catalina per transaction. Was this just a guideline at this particular store or is this a standard in all stores? Thanks 🙂

  6. Jennifer I have paid with up to 5 RR at one time and never had an issue, I think I was just your store you might call the customer service number on your receipt and ask for a for sure answer. All stores should allow the same thing…but that is not always the case.

  7. I went yesterday to the WALG and bought 1 chapstick $1.99 and pay with a $2.00 catalina then when I asked for my new catalina coupon the cashier say there’s nothing for me because I exceed the price with my coupon???

    I don’t get it?

  8. Nessa,
    I am not sure what your cashier was talking about either…the only think I can think of is maybe the $2 catalina you paid with was also a chapstick catalina. If that was the case another one will not print. Catalinas can be a little tricky….sometimes it is not clear why they don’t print…..but That would be y first guess?

  9. yeah the CATALINA I used was from another chapstick…like swiper would say OH MAN!!!

    Today I think I did better I bought the scuncies ponyholders things and paid then get a chapstick + a filler and paid with the $2 CATALINA then bought another ponytails thingy +filler and paid .I was able to do it 6 times.

    Thanks sure get time to be a savy shopper.

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