Managers and coupons


cookieSince I started this blog I have spent many hours speaking with the Managers of my 2 favorite stores , Walgreens and Albertsons. The reason I love to shop at both these stores in not only for the good deals they offer every week. I shop there because of how I am treated when I am in the store, and by the cashiers. I feel that the reason they are so friendly is due to their management. Both these stores have Managers that understand how using coupons helps their stores. They get excited for my good deals, and welcome me, and my coupon binder into the store with a smile.

The other day while in a meeting with one of the Managers, he told me this is how he explains why coupons are good for their store.

“ If  I sale you a cookie for $1, and you pay cash for that cookie my store makes $1. But if you were to buy a $1 cookie and pay for it with a $1 coupon, not only will they get paid the full $1 from the Manufacturer for  that cookie. They will also get .8 cents for processing the coupon. They can process that coupon for about .4 cents, which means they earn 4 cents every time I use a coupon.”

 I know what you are thinking .4 cents, what a joke, well when the store takes in hundreds of coupons  a day, it really adds up. The store is now able to move more product, but they make money doing it. So next time you get a “not so friendly” coupon store, remember there are lots of other stores that are happy to let you use coupons.


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  1. Do you ever shop the Albertsons by 5th and Cleveland? That’s where I usually go and I always try to be very organized and extra friendly to them but lately it seems the cashiers are all becoming far more grumpy about all the couponers coming thru the store. Have you noticed this at all? I think I will start driving over to the one off Blaine.

  2. I use to shop there a lot…but i noticed the same thing. SO I now only shop at the one next to the stadium

  3. I am not from your area and just stumbled on your post. I am wondering, does the store you mentioned double coupons? What happens then? Does the store lose out from the face value of the coupon that gets doubled? My store that doubles limits doubling on the same coupon to 4. If you want more than 4 of an item and have coupons you have to go back through the line. They aren’t very friendly and I do feel that they will not weather the economy. Their prices are so high and their policy so unfriendly to couponers that I feel the store will close soon. I’d love to provide them with some info that would change their thinking on it. What are your thoughts?

  4. Thanks, it’s good to know that I’m not just imagining it but that you have experienced it too.

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