Last Day for Post Cereal Sale


img_0101Just wanted to remind you all that If you have not made it to Albertsons yet, today is the last day of the cereal sale.

Anyone who walks into the store can get Post Cereal for .67 cents a box ( when you buy 5)

But if you have coupons you can get it for .17 cents  a box or even free if you have double coupons from Sundays paper.


6 Responses

  1. On PYP it says the sale goes until 4/19/09, is it wrong? Also, Albertson’s said they are giving out rain checks! I’m excited because I have 3/$2 and 2/$1 coupons for the Trail Mix Crunch! Thanks for sharing all your great deals you find!!!

  2. Tara…the catalina offer goes till the 19th but as far as I know today is the last day for the sale price of 1.57 a box

  3. Are they really giving rain checks My store and all the stores I have been to have been out of the Fruit an Oats flavors all week long. Guess working all day long the good cereals are gone by the time I get off . I will run down and do one more check at my local store in meridian, Before asking for a rain check .. Keep fingers crossed

  4. I am not sure about the rain check…..I did not ask for one. Good luck let me know how it goes.

  5. Hey! Is this your daughter?…or someone elses? 🙂
    I just met someone at Ablies yesterday who had this daughter in tow. Just wondering…was that you? I was the one with the long blonde hair and we were discussing the mysterious disappearance of Trail Mix Crunch. Just thought that was fun to see this photo…

  6. Yes that was me…..I was glad you were able to use your coupons!!!

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