Albertsons deals April 8-14

Albertsons Deal Match ups

Please note that I only list the deals that I think are the most Thrifty so please check your ad for any deals I may have missed.

First Albertsons has some great prices on meat this week:

  • -Hormel spiral sliced ham $1.88 a lb ( first 2)
  • -Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.88 a lb
  • -Fresh beef round rump roast $1.88 a lb
  • -Boneless pork top loin roast $1.99 a lb

These are great prices but here is how to make it an even better deal.  This week at Albertsons when you spend $25 on participating products ( over 650 to choose from)  you will instantly get $10 off  meat or seafood.  So to get the best price make sure you buy your items in groups of $25 and get $10 in free meat.  You can split them up or buy them in groups of $25, $50, $75…


Items that are $1 each (like paying .60 cents after instant $10 off meat)

-Lipton Recipe dry soup mix ( use .60 cents off 2 coupon from 4/5 unilever coupon insert)

-Knor pasta or rice sides ( use .75 off 2 coupon from 4/5 unilever coupon insert)

Great deal with out coupons:

  • CoolWhip
  • Kraft Philadelphis cream cheese
  • Stove top stuffing

Taco Bell taco shells they still have a catalina offer

  • buy 2 get $1 catalina
  • buy 3 get $2 catalina
  • buy 4 or more get a $3 catalina

img_0266Items that are $2 each (like paying $1.20 after instant $10 off meat)
-Ragu Pasta sauce ( use .30 coupon from 4/5 unilever coupon insert)

-I cant believe it’s not butter ( use .50 cent coupon from 3/29 red plum coupon insert)

Great deal with out coupons:

  • Kraft bagges cheese
  • Skippy peanut butter
  • Kraft American singles


img_0267Items that are $2.50 each (like paying $1.50 after instant $10 off meat)
Nabisco crackers  ( use $1 off 2 coupon from 3/15 Smart source coupon insert)

Planters big nut bars  ( use .75 cent coupon from 2/22 smart source coupon insert)

100 Calorie Granols bars ( use .75 cent coupon from 2/22 smart source coupon insert)

Kraft Velveeta Shells and Cheese or Kraft deluxe Mac and Cheese catalina offer

4/3 & 4/26.
Buy 3 & get $2 catalina
Buy 4 & get $3 catalina
Buy 5 or more & get $4 catalina


img_0268Items that are $3.00 each (like paying $1.80 after instant $10 off meat)

Kraft real mayo or Miracle whip ( use $1 off 2 coupon from 3/29 smart source coupon insert)

Jello ready to eat Gelatin or Pudding Catalina offer

Does not start till 4/10  and goes till 5/3.
Buy 3 & get $2 catalina
Buy 4 & get $3 catalina
Buy 5 or more & get $4 catalina

Many of these items ALSO work for a rebate offer going on with Unilever Rebate.  To read more click here.

Other Thrifty deals

Fresh Strawberry $1.49 a lb sold in 4 lb containers

In store coupon for Albertsons cheese 4 for $5

Buy 10 powerade bottles and get 5 free

Thanks to PYP for the catalina info and help with these match ups


Reader Update: I just got back from Albertsons, and my 10.00 dollars did not come off. It also did not work for several other people. The manager called corporate and found out that they did not put some of the usb numbers on, so they are having to try and fix it. They just sent out an email.
If anyone did the deal and did not get their ten dollars they should go and check their reciept and take it in.
It was an awesome deal, and my meridian albertsons has sheets that break it down into catergories and the easiest way to do the sale. Very friendly.
Just some information.


26 Responses

  1. So, the Cool Whip and Cream Cheese are $1 each (before deductions) and then you get a catalina for $1, $2, or $3 depending on whether you buy 2, 3 or 4…is that right?

  2. Martha,
    Sorry if I confused you…i am trying to get use to wordpress and I am having a hard time lining eveything up like normal. But to answer you question only the taco bell shells have the catalina offer on them.

  3. These always confuse me. Do you have to reach the $25 before or after coupons? Or does it matter on your store or cashier? It seems like it never works smooth for me and then the coupons get blamed.

  4. For the buy $25 get $10 of meat, if you buy $50 in participating products will it take $20 off, or do you need to split it into separate transactions?
    Thanks for all your help. I enjoy reading your blog and saving money =).

  5. Dawn this is a great question it is $25 before coupons….to make it a little easier split your items in to groups of $25…..tell the cashier up front you are trying to reach that limit to make sure you get the instant $10 off that way you will know if you need to add another item to reach that mark…..then add your meat….then use your coupons….good luck. My Albertsons Cashiers are always great to work with, hope yours get a little more coupon friendly!

  6. The Albertsons Sale ad says “650 items” is there ever any way to get a list of all of those items from the store manager? It would be nice to be able to scour all the items and match up all of the best deals before making the trip to the store.

  7. Cindi,
    I should take $10 off every $25… you should be able to spent $50 and get $20 off instantly…..I have not tried to yet to make sure all the bugs are worked out. But I will be happy to let you know as soon as I try.

  8. Jan, I think if you go to ALbertsons .com you can view the ad on line and should have all the items listed….i just did not have time or energy to list them all…sorry. Hope that helps

  9. I’ll try that route. 🙂 You already spend enough time and energy helping us out, I really appreciate all that you do and my bank account appreciates it 🙂

  10. How do you know which products/quantity offer the catalinas at Albertsons.

  11. Is this deal for everywhere? Because I’m looking at my Colorado Springs ad and see nothing about this…I think.

  12. I have a very helpful Albertsons store manager that sends out weekly ad e-mails about the upcoming sales this is a direct clip and copy from his e-mail this week “This week we have a few good things. On the front page of the ad there is a Kraft/uniliver event that when you spent $25 on the selection of items you get up to $10 off of any meat or seafood. Now I do need to tell you that when you hit that $25 mark, it will automatically take off the $10 even if you don’t have meat or seafood. So the items that are 10/$10 are only .60 each when you buy the $25, and the items that are $2.00 each are only $1.15 each when you buy $25 and the ones that are $2.50 each are are $1.50 each when you buy $25.00.” So according to him you can just separate your items into the $25 sets and use the $10 discount regardless of whether or not you buy any meat…I loved this hint since I am not in the market for any more meat at this time. Hopes this helps!!

  13. Amber,
    His name is Jared…I love how coupon friendly he is!!!! I get his emails too, thanks for the heads up. I Am so thankful for the great info my readers pass along!

  14. I’m still puzzled about the Catalinas. I am in California and read your blog DAILY several times a day. First of all, thank you so much for all the input you give. I was the one who was asking about the POST cereal and the catalinas. Well, they worked, I would buy five boxes and then would get $5 back to use on my next purchase. That way now I have 20 boxes of cereal, lol…. My question now is, how do you know about the Catalinas? is it national? regional? Here they don’t post such thing, I was able to do it thanks to you, though now I’m afraid to buy certain products you state you get catalinas, since maybe it is a regional thing. Anyhow, you have helped me and my family A LOT with all your tips and ideas. Thank you.

  15. Monica,
    I get my Catalina info from PYP I have a link on the bottom of the post. You should be able to click on the header and them click on state forums and see what you can find out about California. Each state is a little different so it is hard to know….I think they might have some useful info for you.

  16. Thanks so much. I just checked info on my state, but it’s dead, lol…. there wasn’t even information about the Post cereals and catalinas, and still, it worked when I did it (thanks to you). Anyhow, the catalinas are killing me, knowing how much they help and still not able to find info about them. I’m not giving up, though… if I find anything, I will post it on PYP and here so other families in Southern California can benefit as well. Thanks!!

  17. Monica,
    Don’t give up there are to many good deals…the more you do it the more you will learn. Get to know your store managers they are a great place to get info on deals. Keep checking back i hope my site will help you!

  18. is the kraft velveeta catalina stated on the AD ? does it say if the velveeta shell cups are included ?

  19. Ellen, not the catalina is not listed in the ad. Most the time catalinas are not…..It makes it hard to know for sure what area they will and won’t work for. I am working with my store to try and get a official list…but it is slow going being that it is the Manufacturer that sets them up not the store

  20. I’m just wondering if anyone has tried to buy the $25 without meat (as Jared stated in his email). I just don’t want to go and then be disappointed (as I don’t need meat right now).

    Do you think it varies from store to store or cashier to cashier?

    Also, what’s the best Albertsons location, in your opinion. I’ve run into a few cranky cashiers at the 5 mile/overland store.

    Thanks so much!

  21. Holly,
    The $10 comes off all by itself. The ad reads that is for meat…so that is how I did it…trying to play by the rules. As for the best Albertsons I love the Caldwell store by the stadium. They have WONDERFUL cashiers…love them

  22. I am very NEW at this…but got a great deal today at Albertson’s on PB. I was at the store at Eagle/McMillian. I was going through the ad to make sure I was getting my $25 for the $10 off meat (yes, last minute shopping for the Easter ham). I saw Skippy PB was included on the list of foods, but they didn’t have any of the 16.3 oz in the creamy, just chunky. But when I was back by the bakery, on their clearance rack was the 40 oz for only 2 bucks. My son LOVES the chunky style, so I bought a few bottles. My hubby thought I was crazy until I reminded him I save $4.69 on each of them! Dang, wish I would have had a few coupons too…but still a newbie on coupons and don’t have a big stock of them yet!

  23. FYI…the ad for the 16.3 oz of Skippy is for $2…so I got more then double for the same price. No it didn’t count towards my $25 purchase, but felt the savings was good. Did I really do as good a job as I think I did?

  24. Sarah,How do you get the emails from Jared?

  25. I went and bought the and didn’t get the catalina for it. Not sure if bought the wrong ones for it or what.

  26. Not sure which items you bought…but you so have to make sure you buy the right size and style. In order for it to print, It can be kind of trick to get the hang of it at first.

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