Transfer just happend

It’s Matt – the transfer just happened as I was going to bed. I have been up on this site trying to get our content up and running. The content is up, the site works, but it doesn’t look pretty. And i have to be at work in 4 hrs…so i’m going to bed


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  1. And you have to work 12 hrs., right? Thanks for all the effort you & Sarah put into this blog! It is quite a service to those of us who benefit. 🙂 Thanks again!!

  2. HOLY COW it is much much much faster now!!!! Yea!!! and i think it looks great!!!

  3. Hi, I can’t believe Matt thinks he needs sleep. We appreciate all the time both of you put in. For some reason your site is not coming up on my e-mail anymore. Did you delete me? Let me know. Luv ya PC

  4. no, we are switching servers and are resetting everything, hang tight

  5. We can wait for pretty. Thanks for all the great information!

  6. YAY!!! No more logging in to google blogger to leave a comment..i can never remember my Thanks so much you guys for all that you do. I was just notified that, after 5 great years, my job will end at the end of April. And the first thing my husband said was, “We will be ok”. 🙂
    The second thing he said was, “Thank goodness for Thrifty Mom! At least we wont’ starve!”…LOL.

  7. wow – great to hear you guys are saving money, sorry to hear about the job loss. this is why we started this site. to help people save money

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