My Thrifty Albertsons Deals

First off let me remind you we are switching servers.  I will still take a few days to get our site back to normal, and all the links working.

Before coupons, discounts and catalinas this would have cost me  $181.75

But I only had to pay $12.34

Post Selects Cereal
-buy 6 at a time use 3 post selects $1 off 2 coupons
-use albertsons doubles
price  $3.81 ( i paid  with a $3 catalina from the taco bell sale)  which means I only had to pay .81 cents
Plus a $5 Catalina prints good towards your next purchase.

Dole Pineapple
-on sale for $1 buy 6
-use 3 /.55 cents  off 2 coupons
-use Albertsons doubles
Final price 6 for $2.70 or .45 cents each ( I also had an in-store coupon for .75 cents off 3)
( plus a catalina coupon prints for $1 off you next 6 cans of Pineapple)

Darigold Milk Singles
-$1.39 each buy 2
-use 1 /$1 off 2 coupon from Sundays Paper
-use albertsons double
Final price .39 cents each when you buy 2

Knorr pasta sides
– on sale 10 for $10 ( when you buy ten get $5 off chicken)
-use 5 /.75 cents off 2 coupons from Sundays paper
-double 3 of the 5 coupons with albertsons double
Final price 10 for $4 plus $5 in free chicken

Chicken from deli was free ( with knorr purchase)

Grapes .99 cents a pound

Lettuce .99 each


12 Responses

  1. Wish I could live near your Albertsons. A store after my own heart, especially since Utah didn’t get the double coupons. Congratulations on another great deal. You inspire us all.

    I have been wondering, though, since I started couponing a couple weeks ago…where DOES she store it all? LOL.

    I’m already running out of room with all the free bags of Halls, free Johnsons soaps and Q-tips, free vitamin water, Kraft dressing, lifetime supply of cereal, Taco stuff, Walgreens toiletries and Glade stuff, and more. (Which by the way I HAD to list because it’s SO much fun to see all I’ve received couponing)

    Thanks again for all the time you take to help out the rest of us and share your deals, ideas, answer questions, etc.

  2. Wow! Amazing! If only ANY store in Southern California would do these Double Coupons… Question did your Alberstons double even the high dollar amount coupons, or only up to $1.00?? However as much as I don’t like to shop at my local Albertsons because of their refusal to take most coupons, and ZERO IP Coupons claiming they don’t get reimbursed, and that this is a policy that their banking/accounting person put into place (hmmmm curious…???) I did manage to score a GREAT deal today! I got 10 boxes of Post cereal for $5.20 OOP, and then got a catalina for $5 off my next purchase!! So essintially 10 boxes of Post cereal for $.20!!!!! ($.02ea!) PLUS the person in front of me left their $3.50 off OJ catalina at the self checkout… Bonus!! =D

  3. The in-store Albertsons ad that I picked up today reads: FREE Gillette Fusion Razor on your next shopping trip when you purchase Duracell Coppertop Batteries 16ct., AA or AAA for $9.99. This Sunday’s paper had $2 coupons for Gilette Fusion Razors and coupons for Duracell Batteries. Will Albertsons let me use the $2 off coupon even though the Gilette is free?

    Also did you notice the “Free Eggs – up to $2 Value” with purchase coupons that are in the in-store ad and several of the purchase items are also items that had coupons in Sunday’s paper.

  4. Rachelle, yes my store only doubles up to $1 coupons making them a $2 value.

    Joella, You should be able to….let me know how it goes!

  5. Nice job!! You gotta love it. Thanks for the post.

  6. Just wanted to let you know there is a spelling error I would change in the bold black header, “Before coupons…”

    Love your site. Thanks for all the hard work keeping all us thrifty moms up to date on the latest & greatest deals! I know it is a time-consuming task; the work you do gives me the time I need to walk my dogs!

  7. Thanks it has been a long day and I am tired!!!! I am trying to get use to wordpress!

  8. I was not able to use the $2off coupon for the Gillette razor but I did buy the batteries “Duracell Coppertop Batteries 16ct., AA or AAA for $9.99” (did use a coupon on the batteries from Sunday’s paper) and a catalina coupon printed out for a FREE Gillette Razor. My husband was very happy because he needed a new one and FREE is great plus we always use batteries. Albertsons had the Razor on sale for $8.99. Figured if nothing else the batteries and razor cost $9.99 and we couldn’t have gotten that many batteries or that razor this week for $4.99 each.

  9. Thank you so much for all of the hard work you do! I am learning so much! I talk about you a lot on my morning show. 🙂

    Have a question though…Did I miss something? Were there no coupons this past Sunday? Maybe because of Easter?

    Thanks again!

  10. Hi Michelle, due to the holiday there were no coupon inserts, I did a post on it but you may have missed it. But don’t worry the coupons will be back in this Sundays paper. Wow, what an honor to even be mentioned on your morning show! Let me know if I can help you out in any way! Take care….happy couponing!

  11. okay albertons is about a hour to hour and a half away. When you say use albertsons doubles what does that mean? I would like to start shopping there if they really double up to 2 on grocery coupons

  12. Albertsons will double, during their Double Sale days. You get inserts in the paper to be used like coupons, to “double” other coupons you bring in.

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