It is the last day of the sale so I won’t list all the details on this sale, but if you want to read them click here.  I was able to buy $17.92 worth of items ( before sales, or coupons) .  I paid with a $6 register reward, which means I only had to pay $2.69.
Plus I got back $5 in Register Rewards

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  1. hey sarah, i read somewhere that the softsoap coupon would “roll” … did you get a RR coupon when you got your free body wash? they restocked our store last night so we went in (on our date night, even — haha!) to get the body wash, which is still a great deal, but i wondered if anyone kept getting the free body wash coupon every time?

  2. No mine did not roll….they were rolling the first 2 days of the sale but then they fixed it.

  3. I had a question about Walgreens – I was there the other day and they had Meow Mix cat treats marked down to $.67 and I had coupons for $.75 off. They said they couldn’t adjust it and the manager was standing there. Another question is I was trying to use my RR to pay for the items that I was getting but some of the coupons were not scanning. So she started splitting up my order and the only way it worked was by giving her my RR THEN my MF coupons. Is this normal? I think it could have been because I had too many coupons and not enough product per order once she split them up. I would love your input. Thanks!

  4. Angie,
    Read my post here it get the answer on adjusting coupons….


    They should have let you, that is why it is good to carry a copy of the letter from corporate with you.

  5. Thanks – I printed my copy to place in my binder!

  6. I tried the edge shaving gel this week and it did not print a RR. I had told the cashier that I wanted to give it a try and return it if it didn’t work, and she had no problem. I live in Las Vegas and was just wondering if anyone else may have had luck with this deal or if it was only working in some parts of the country. Thanks.

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