Q&A- How do you organize your coupons?


Question: How do you organize your coupons? I keep my inserts in file folders, then clip as needed, but that’s not very good for snagging good deals when I’m out & about. How do you do it?  

Answer: I keep mine in a coupon binder it works really well for me.  I did a post on it, with more photos and all the details.  If you missed that post and would like to view it, please click here.

4 Responses

  1. I just might have to make the dreaded switch….. I have a lot of inserts to clip! Yikes…….

    Thanks, this was very helpful!

  2. I also have mine in a binder. It is so much easier to find a coupon this way without having to dig!

  3. Not sure why this is going on but none of the link that I click on are working. Just thought I would let you know.

  4. we are currently switching servers and are setting up the new format

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