Q&A- Early Coupon Preview?


Question:  How do you know how many coupon inserts are going to be in Sundays paper? Also how do you view the list? 

Answer: You can click here, and on the date shown it will show how many inserts could be in your Sundays paper.  Please note that not all papers, or areas get all that are listed.  So it is important to check to see what your local paper carries.  I am lucky that my local paper carries all three inserts, the Red plum ( also known a Valassis), Smart Source, and the P&G.
Most the time you will get 2 inserts Red Plum and Smart Source. Normally on the 1st Sunday of the month you will also get the P&G.  Most holiday weekend there are NO coupon inserts.  This week is extra special, there are 5 inserts available ( my area will be getting 4 of the 5)
To preview the coupons available just click here, on the calendar click the scheduled insert and it will pull up a list.  This site will also sell them if you are interested .  Now just because it is listed does not mean it will be in your insert.  They list the master list….and not all areas get all the coupons.  

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