Albertsons will have Double coupons Sunday

There will be double coupons in Tomorrows Sunday paper, for Albertsons.  I know my area will be getting them.  Some stores in Oregon were passing them out at the Register today.  SO keep your eyes open for them.  Just wanted to give you all a heads up!  Happy doubling!


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  1. How do you find these things out without it being published yet ?? Just was wondering > thanks for all you do on your pages.

  2. Hi – I read your blog a lot and it really helps save me lots of money – thanks for your great tips! I live just outside Philadelphia and our Albertson’s is called ‘Acme’ here. They have double coupons each and every day! Acme doubles every manufacturer’s coupon up to $1.00. I just did an order there two days ago and had $124 in savings through my SuperCard (loyal shopper card) and manufacturer’s coupons. Even the lady checking me out was amazed! keep up the great work, thanks, Penny

  3. Well i have to tell you about “our” shopping trip to Albertsons tonight. I have been saving my COOL SAVING coupons for awhile now. Well tonight we decieded it was the week to use it all up. So, we purchased one of the Albertsons buy 300.00 gift card and get 30.00 free 10% savings automatic savings right there . And then we had 20% off our purchase with COOL SAVINGS. then I did What my husband calles POWER SHOPPING we bought things that were on sale (but what we normally use) just stocked up for a few weeks plus some extra for the up and coming CAMPING season. WEll on with the story. WE Spent 124.00 but savings with coupons was 186.00 I feel that was a GOOD shopping trip. THANKS for all you share with us on your site.
    PLUS we recieved 40 Cents off a gallon on gas.
    ( never can figure out how to add my name to this sorry)

  4. Can you buy the Albertsons gift card with the Cool Savings certificates? I have 20% (4 cards) I need to use and wanted to do so on a big purchase. Can it be on one of those where you buy a $300 and get an additional $30?

  5. Martha,
    Penny just did, but i have not tried it myself? I think I might…

  6. Hello, You can’t use the cool savings to purchase the card they said, But in fact with the cool savings plus the extra 10% with the card we ended up with a total savings of 30% off grocerys AND you can use it on MEAT so that really helped out with the cost, chicken, steak, and hamburger. It was nice to have to push out to carts to the car an only spend alittle over 100.00$.And the sales that albertsons has going on now it is pretty good deals. My cashier did something I wasn’t sure about,. there are coupons out there now for FREE eggs with this purchase and what it did was take off 2.00$ for the coupon not give us a coupon for the eggs. At the end of the sale I said how about the coupons for the eggs on my next purchase she said Oh i just credited you the coupon for them Hope that was okay, I said OH yes I didn’t need 4 dozen eggs this week. (still can’t figure out how to add my name_)

  7. WHERE in the world do you find the ALBERTSONS Doublers! This seems to be a crime not to have them. I appreciate playing this game, but need to know more about those rules.

  8. They came in sundays paper. I try to post when i find they are coming out….keep tuned. They are great! I hope they come back out with more soon!

  9. So the store won’t double all coupons just their own coupons from their store?

  10. Alicia,
    they will double an MFR ( manufacturer coupon) up to the value of $1. They will not double a in store coupon, or another stores coupon.

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