What is your time worth?

A few days ago I did a post on how to get boneless skinless chicken breast for $1.29 a pound.  To read that post click here.  The catch to getting it at such a low price is you have to buy it in a 40 pound box.   It is frozen in 4 large bags, the chicken will all be stuck together.  MAKE SURE you look in the box to make sure yours is in 4 separate bags.  My friend got one and all 4 bags had spilled and froze together in one solid mass.  
I was not so sure I wanted to mess with all that frozen chicken.  So I split a box with my friend Eden.  We were both so happy with our chicken we decided to split another box yesterday.  Once again I just pulled my 2 frozen chicken bags out and let them thaw just enough, so I could pull it apart.  The first box was frozen solid at a rock and took almost 12 hours  to thaw.  My box yesterday was ready to cut up in just a few hours.  Once I started to cut and bag it, It took me about 30 mins start to finish.  I have to admit I gagged a few times…..I hate raw, fatty, chicken.


I would much rather buy my chicken all pretty, and hand trimmed….
  I price checked 3 stores yesterday and hand trimmed chicken runs about $4.50 a pound.  If you can afford it go for it,  but there is no way I can pay that much. 

I paid $53.00 for my 40 pounds of chicken at $1.29 a pound plus tax. 
If I was to buy 40 pounds of hand trimmed chicken it would cost $180.00
Being that I had to trim it myself I had to cut off about 4 pounds of fat, it took me an hour  between both boxes.  By doing the work myself I saved $127.00 for an hours worth of work.  When I look at it this way, I have to say it was WELL worth my time.  
Now that is a THRIFTY deal

13 Responses

  1. I always buy chicken in bulk and trim it myself. I think you’re a lot faster than I am. I’m sure it took me at least an hour to trim my 20 lbs!

  2. I buy 40 lbs of fresh chicken and trim and package it myself. My husband works for a food service company and we buy it on sale for .99 cents or less per pound.

  3. I think these boxes of chicken are great!!! It really didn’t take that long to trim and repackage. Thanks for the thrifty tip!!

  4. Did u thaw them in the fidge or on the counter?

  5. Just on the counter

  6. I jus tpicked up my box. So I can let them thaw on the counter, trim them, and re-freeze? Are you handling them still frozen?

  7. Mine was half frozen…I did not let it thaw all the way…then I cut it and froze it again…..hope that helps

  8. It does- Thanks. I just worry about getting my family sick by mis-handling raw meat.

  9. As long as you keep it cold….. and get it in the freezer you will be fine.

  10. If you want to be picky on how much you saved, you must take into account how many lbs of fat/etc you threw away into the equation.

    For example. If you bought 40 lbs at $1.29, but threw away 2 lbs in fat/etc then it raises your price per pound. Just slightly, but still…

    Of course you still saved TONS, and I have always bought in bulk (like you) and hand trimmed it myself. Just if you want to have an exact amount of how much you saved, you would need to count this 🙂

  11. Lisa, if you count the 4 pounds of fat I threw away it makes it $1.47 a pound….still the lowest price on chicken I have seen in a LONG time.

  12. Where did you get the chicken and can I still do this deal?

  13. That chicken is from an Albertsons purchase a couple weeks ago, but i recently did a post on chick at Cash and Carry (stores in the NW) But keep checking for more deals, we post things daily

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