Walmart Deal

Some of our Thrifty Readers sent us these great tips:
Use the $1.00 off any SeaPak item from the April issue of All You to buy the 6oz. Shrimp Poppers at Walmart. At my Walmart in Illinois they were $1.32, only $.32 after coupon!
Thanks – Leeann

If you don’t have the All You magazine, you can pick one up at the Walmart Magazine section

Also from another reader:

I bought the Nestles refrigerated cookie dough with the $1.00 off coupon from Sunday’s paper. The regular price was $2.14. I thought I was getting a pretty good deal until I looked in one of the refrigerated bins and they had the Nestles Easter cookie dough on rollback for $1.05. I used my $1.00 off coupon and got the cookie dough for .05 cents plus tax.

Another great deal I got was on Huggies Diapers. They had some of the packages that are normally $19.96 per package marked down to $15.00. I still had two of my $3.00 off coupons left over that I printed off a couple of weeks ago. That would have made them $12.00 per package.
Well, after I got home, I looked at my receipt and they scanned at $10.00 per package so with my $3.00 off coupon I paid $7.00 each.
I would suggest taking the items to one of the price scanners just to make sure of the price before purchasing.

Other great deals I cashed in on:

Kraft Dressing – $1.58 used $1.50 off coupon paid .08 cents each
Quaker Snacks – $1.34 used $1.00 off coupon paid .34 cents each
Good Life Cat Food – $4.48 for 3lb bag used $3.00 off coupon paid $1.48 each
Coffee Mate Creamer – $1.68 each used $1.50 off 2 coupon. Paid .18 cents for second one.
Pringles – $1.00 each used $1.00 off 2 coupon paid .50 cents each.

Thanks – Teri


4 Responses

  1. Which Wal-Mart location is Teri refering to? Did they have more diapers marked down?

  2. Walmart is having a MEGA rollback on Kraft Cheese. It was $2.48 for 16 oz of shredded or block and it is now #1.50. That’s a great deal on cheese!

  3. I just went to Walmart here in Springville UT and they hadn’t marked the Easter Nestle down and the Huggie Diapers that were on clearance rang up as $15. However, the Kraft dressing was $1.58, the $1 nylons did have a $1 off coupon in them and there were some that were marked down to $.75. We got a BOGO free Q in the paper for Hasbro card games and they were $5.25- a great Easter basket filler! Also, I just got a Carefree coupon in the mail for a $1 and they have a small size that was like $1.09 or something. A great trip! I only wish I had read about the Kraft cheese before I went.

  4. I can’t find the Seapak coupon. I looked in my April All You and it isn’t there. I checked the March All You and it has a $.75 coupon for Seapak shrimp. I even checked the coupon listing on their website to see if I missed it but it doesn’t show up there either. I also checked the coupon database on HCW. Anyone have any additional information on the whereabouts of this coupon?

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