Buy Special K- get free milk and eggs

At Albertsons
My manager gave me this tip.  
Right now there is a promo going on Kellogs cereal 

 Buy 7, get 3 gallons of milk FREE.
 Buy 5, get 2 gallons FREE.
 Buy 3, get 1 gallon FREE.
 Voucher will print at checkout, valid on your NEXT shopping trip. Kellogg’s Cereal.

Special K is part of milk promo, but is is also part of the free eggs promo.
Buy 3 boxes of Special K at $2.49 each and get $2.00 off instantly for eggs.

I have not had to time to get into the store to buy this myself, But I think this the best deal scenario:
Buy 7 boxes of Special k at $2.49 = $17.43
Get $4 off of eggs instantly for buying 2 sets for 3 ( you will need to have 2 instore coupons to get 2 $2 off  ask the cashier for them)
Plus get 3 catalinas for FREE milk up to a $14 value
I think that is a pretty Thrifty Deal!

8 Responses

  1. There are $0.70/1 kellogg’s cereal coupons from a few months back that should work with this deal too…so that would bring your total for everything down to $12.53 I think! Great find!

  2. How long does this promo run?

  3. Just gotta share this deal I got at my Albies (here in Port Orchard WA)… They have Knorr Sides plus veggies (rice/pasta) at 10 for $10. If you buy 10 you get $5 off of chicken…. neither the cashier or I knew if it would print out a cat or if you had to buy the chicken with it so we tried it… NO chicken but got the $5 discount anyway… so 10 pks cost me $5… The BEST PART… this Sunday there are supposed to be .75/2 coupons which makes this a super deal IMHO!!!!

  4. Sorry for 2 comments but I just did the math: if you use (5) .75/2 (this coming sundays paper)to buy the 10 pkgs of Knorr side dishes with the $5 discount it will cost a grand total of $1.25 for all 10.!!!!!!

  5. It should run till at least Tuesday when the add comes out….I think the milk promo will run another 1 week…but not so sure about the eggs

  6. I had a very disappointing experience at the Eagle Albertsons. I was made to feel so bad for using coupons. They (the checker and a manager) went through my groceries that had already been bagged to verify my coupons I had given could be used. I gave them a raincheck that the Meridian Albertsons had given to me ( I was told by the person who wrote it I could use it at any Albertsons) and they told me I couldn’t use it, I didn’t understand why it would matter but policy is policy. They made me feel as if I was a coupon con-artist. Why would they take the time to go through my bagged groceries and have 2 employees do it? They made me feel so bad I left the store in tears. They acted as if coupons are deducted from their paychecks. I am new to coupons and I do make mistakes here and there or misread. I do my very best though and spend so much time getting everything organized for my trip. If I gave a coupon I can’t use, it wasn’t to scam a store out of 50 cents. I was also told that if my coupon is for more than the item I can not use it. I have gone to many store and they allow it. If I find an item on clearance and have a coupon that may be for a few cents more, they adjust the coupon or just let mr have it. I would like to know the policy on it. Does anyone know for sure?

  7. Stressed shopper…..I feel so bad for you. Don’t give up we all have “bad coupon days” I know that my store in Caldwell has always let me use a coupon on overage item they just adjust the price. I will try to get it in writing for you. If your trip was something that might make you not want to shop there, I would suggest you call Customer Service and tell them about it. Some managers and cashiers are not very coupon friendly……and can make the whole store look that way. When really they are. Keep your chin up, it will all be ok!

  8. Thank you for replying. =)
    It actually made me feel a little better.
    I LOVE getting great deals. Its so much fun. I am new to it and regret that I didn’t start much sooner.
    I just realized that I left a comment in the wrong spot, I am glad that you noticed my comment. =)
    I called my mom to tell her about my experience and was in tears. She called and left a complaint after she talked to me because she was pretty upset. She is a manages a Kmart and has always been one to make the trip a great one and to do what she can to make customers happy, I would love to have more people around like her when coupon shopping.
    I just have to tell you, I love your website. Thank you for all the great tips. =)

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