What to do when your Catalina won’t print?

In February I was buying Listerine at Walgreens.  I was suppose to get a $4.50 Register Reward, also known as a Catalina.  For some reason it did not print.  The manager could not figure it out either.  So I took my receipt and called the Catalina company, their number is 1-888-8coupon.  They asked me a few questions, asked for numbers off my receipt and said they would look into it and call me back.  The next day I got a call back, they said a Catalina should have printed, they were sorry for any inconvenience and would mail me my Catalina.  I did have to wait 7 weeks for it…….but sure enough today in the mail my $4.50 Catalina came.

3 Responses

  1. That is great to know that they will fix the problem. I had that happen at Alberstons a few times. Usually they end up just giving me the value of the catalina. I now worry that having Alberstons pay me for the catalina makes them Hate catalinas. I wouldn’t want to do anything that might do that! I love catalinas! Thanks for letting us know how to deal with this problem.

  2. This just happen to me for the first time this week with the Chap Sticks. The manager gave me a 8×10 paper that I had to fill out and mail myself in order to receive my RR. It too says it take 6-8 weeks! =(

  3. Don’t bother with the form, just call the company, its easier i think

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