My phone call to POST this morning…

I did a post a few days ago talking about matching up coupons with products. To read that post please click here. In that post I talked about if a coupon scans at the register “without beeping” then the store will get paid for that coupon. Even if it is not pictured on the coupon.
Well this week at Albertsons they have a huge Post cereal sale The coupons I used were for $1 off 2 boxes of Post Selects. I made sure I bought 2 ( both the right size) but instead of select cereal I bought Honey Bunches of Oats ( post brand also) My coupons scanned with no problem. I have now gotten many emails asking me how I got away with it? Telling me your stores won’t let you use the coupon on anything that is not pictured. Well my Manager said it was ok and once again said, that if it scans they will get paid. SO they are happy to let me use them.
Once again I am one of those girls that like to follow the rules. This morning I called Post Cereal Company. I explained that I used a Post Selects coupon on a Post Honey Bunches of Oats cereal. I told them it scanned just fine and it was for the correct size and quantity…..just the the exact flavor. I told her I was confused as to why some stores let you use them and others won’t. I wanted to make sure my store WOULD get paid and that I was not committing coupon fraud.
She told me that same thing as Huggies had told me in the post I did earlier. That as long as the coupon scans without beeping at the register the store WILL get paid. It is not coupon fraud and they are happy to have me buy there products. BUT it is up to each store as to weather or not they will allow you to use that coupon or any coupon in their store. So to make a long story short, it is up to the the store. That is why I choose to shop at coupon friendly stores like my local Caldwell Albertsons. They play by the manufacturers rules, but they also treat me with respect, and happily accept my coupons.
Here is my advice to you. Get to know your managers, be open, ask questions. I don’t try to “sneak” anything past. I am VERY open and if I ever have a question I ask both the store and Manufacturer. Once I know what the “rules” are I am happy to abide by those rules. There are lots of stores to shop at if they are not coupon friendly then don’t shop there. I am happy to drive a few extra minutes to a store that understand coupons and treats we with respect.

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  1. This is very helpful!! Thanks again, I plan to link to your blog again on this. Thanks-Monica

  2. Thanks for the heads up but Mom went into the Caldwell stadium store and talked to 2 cashiers and neither would take the coupon for the Honey Bunches of Oats, so I think there still might be discrepancies within the stores and cashiers. I just used self checkout and they scanned fine.

  3. Its important to ask for the manager instead of wasting time with a cashier who is unfamiliar with coupons and even having to go to a second. the manager will say yes..

  4. Do you have any idea which stores in Boise are more coupon friendly. I am new to couponing, and went to the store on Overland/Five Mile. I had ordered some coupons on ebay and wanted to wait until I got them, but one gal told me I could just bring them in after I got them. I also got the Kellogs free milk deal, and the $10 get $3 back from Kraft. When I got home there were mulitple errors on my recipes. So today I went back with my coupons and tried to get the other errors fixed. The gal told me that they would only take the coupons on the Select and I thought she was pretty impatient with me. I am just wondering if any Albertsons is better overall…I don’t usually shop there. I live in Kuna so I wouldn’t be opposed to going to Nampa, either.

    But I am happy to say that WinCo took my IPs this afternoon!!!

  5. Good question- my husband is trying to put together a meeting with store managers and the area store director. hopefully these comments will be addressed with them at the meeting. the problem is the individual person, not necessarily the store itself. All though some managers like to impose their own ruling on things.

  6. Thanks for this! Is it okay if I post a link to this to my blog? I’ve found that most of the stores local to me are NOT coupon friendly. For ex. I went into Alberstons for our So. Cal cereal sale and the would not accept ANY IP coupons. They said they are not reimbursed, and have no way of knowing if they are legit coupons even if they scan. I removed the items from my bags with apologies, and the cashier got upset with me. I apologized again, and then after I was done asked the Mgr my questions regarding IP coupons. He was even more nasty to me, and actually walked away in the middle of me asking him if it was true that they don’t get reimbursed, because I was under the impression that if it scanned w/o beeping, than they would be reimbursed as long as the correct product was purchased. He didn’t answer, just turned his back and walked away! It’s hard in So. Cal (my area at least) to find a store that is respectful to coupon shoppers, and follows the Mfr rules! This post will help! Thanks again!

  7. Rwilson05,
    I am so sad to hear this….I would suggest you call Albertsons Corporate and explain how you were treated. No one should be about to get away with treating you this way…..

  8. I would like to use my Raisin Bran, Shredded Wheat, Grape Nuts coupon on other Post cereals. I will call my store manager (though he already told me he’s out of town), but I’m wondering if I should also call Post myself on this specific coupon question. What do you think?

  9. Jeanette,
    Think calling post is a great thing to do! It is always good to get info and hear it for yourself…let me know how your phone call goes

  10. I tried this at my Albertsons today and the register beeped…. she tried several times but it wouldn’t take it for other post cereals. So I guess my Albertsons has it set already NOT to do this 😦 Bummer since I have plenty of “Post Selects” already from my previous trips.

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