FREE Pantyhose at Walmart

In this weeks Sunday Smart Source coupon insert, there was a coupon for $1.00 off any No nonsense product.  At Walmart they have the Ultra Sheer Pantyhose for $1 each.  This is the normal everyday price.  Use the coupon and they are FREE.

I picked up 5 brown and 5 black.  All I had to pay was .60 cents tax.

But here is the best part!!!!!!!  Inside the package is another $1 off coupon, that you can use for another FREE pair.  This coupon is good till 09/30/09.  You can “roll” this coupon deal till September 09.
Now that is a THRIFTY DEAL!

Thanks to my good friend Kim for this Thrifty Tip!

11 Responses

  1. WOW! Which insert this coupons come from? I need to stock up more pantyhoses for work. Thanks for a head up on this!

  2. The smart source… is on the last page.

  3. My smart source did not have that coupon.

  4. I don’t think Utah got that coupon…at least I didn’t here in Sandy. But I did just buy 20 of these coupons on ebay for $2 total. “Now that’s a thrifty deal.” Let’s just hope it is 1.00 at the Wal-Mart nearby.

  5. you can buy 1 and then open it for the $1 coupon…and keep rolling from there..

  6. Ha, ha. That’s probably a better idea. I guess I’ll use the 20 coupons and buy a whole bunch to give to friends and family. Then they can continue to get free ones when they open theirs.

    Hopefully there are a ton of those coupons inside the packaging. That would be great if this lasted for awhile. I am always sad when a deal ends. LOL!

  7. Same here in Roanoke, VA don’t have this coupon in our smart source insert.

  8. I got my free pantyhose, BUT there was no coupon inside!!!!


  9. Hi there, excuse my slow-mindedness but how did you get 10 pantyhoses with 1 coupon or did you? And paid only 60 cents? I’m new to the couponing arena and I need help from great experts like you.


  10. Paula, I had 10 coupons from 10 sunday Papers. So I bought 10 pantyhose, and each one of them had another coupon in it……

  11. Got my hose! But there was NO brown or black to be found- only off black & nude, those didn't have the coupon in them! Bummer! But I still got 'em for free (plus tax)- Thanks!

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