Are you still looking for cereal?

Yesterday I got several emails telling me you can’t find Post cereal.  I just wanted to let you all know that the Caldwell Albertsons store by the stadium is FULLY stocked.  They are happy to let you buy as much as you would like.  SO go load up, a cereal sale like this does not come very often!  It may be worth your drive!   They are so coupon friendly. 

5 Responses

  1. I just went the Nampa store (on 12th) yesterday and they had TONS of cereal!

  2. I called the store on 12th and Greenhurst yesterday and they had just gotten in 2,000 boxes. The store asst. manager was begging me to take at least 200 boxes off his hands he was affraid he was going to have some left over. I got eight 10 different kinds and still didn’t try all the flovors they had available.

  3. I think this is crazy. I went to my Albertsons in East Boise and they didn’t have a huge display AT ALL. I found everything I needed right on the self. It didn’t seem like they were acting like they had a big sale…?

  4. Plenty at the Eagle/State Albertsons today. They were out of Grape Nuts though and the Trail Mix. Put plenty of the honey bunches and selects.

  5. The Meridian stores don’t have huge displays would think they would! That’s great they have a ton at your store. I think I have gotten my fill though!

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