Another way to use the Sunday Comics

I get 6 Sunday papers for the coupon inserts.  By the end of the week I have a large pile of papers to take to the recycle bin.  One day my kids were painting at the table, I put down a paper to keep the table clean.  My kids soon started painting the comics on the table instead of there art project.  Now every week I pull out the Sunday Comics and save them for my kids to paint.  They LOVE it, they lay them out on the kitchen floor, and just paint with water.  All it does is make the colors a little darker, but they think it is sooooo fun.  The best part is it’s FREE and easy to clean up!  In the summer time I even send them outside to paint them on the sidewalk,

6 Responses

  1. I love the comics painting idea! During the summer when my kids were little I’d give them a paint brush and a pail of water. They’d go outside and “paint” the house, the car, the trees, the driveway and the sidewalk! It was so much fun and no mess or clean up for Mom!


  2. I am 44 years old and when i was a KID i painted the funnys too 🙂

  3. What a cute and easy idea!

  4. Cool idea! I would never have thought to do that..thanks so much!

  5. I just found your website (a friend of mine had a button on her blog). I just wanted to say what a fantastic blog you have! I’ve always been very thrifty, but just recently been trying to do all the coupon deals.
    Great blog!

  6. Just heard from a little birdie that Albertsons will be putting double coupons in the 4/5 Sunday paper, good for 3 days only again! Thought you might like to know! cara

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