$1.29 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

Thru April 4th Cash and Carry has Chicken Breast for $1.29 per pound. Here is the catch, you do need to buy a 40 lb box. It comes to $51.20 plus tax. Cash and Carry stores are located all over the western states. To view there ad click here

My friend Eden called me and asked if I wanted to split a case with her. I was happy to do it, I wasn’t sure I wanted to mess with 40 lbs of raw chicken.
It came in a large frozen box.

Inside are 4 large bags of chicken, all frozen together. You might want to look and make sure all the bags are frozen separate, some of the boxes were one frozen blob. I let my thaw out, half way. It was still half frozen ( took about 12 hours) I could then pull the chicken apart, but it still had ice crystals in it.
These are my 2 bags

These were the biggest chicken breast I have ever seen! They were about 3 times bigger than what I am use to. They did have some nasty fat I had to pull off, but it was easy to do.

Each breast took about 1 minute to clean, and cut. It was well worth the time, These will be easy to pull out of my freezer and cook with. Did I mention they were HUGE!

I bagged them in freezer bags. I was able to get 24 bags of chicken. Each one had 1 large (huge) breast, or a few of them had 3 small (normal sized breasts)

This only took me about 40 mins…..Now I wish I had gotten all 40 lbs!

An individual may shop there. You just have to tell them you are not a business. Then they will charge tax. They cater to business and sell in bulk.


10 Responses

  1. If it was frozen and you thawed it out, is it okay to refreeze it? I thought this was a great deal, but wasn’t sure if I could do that.

  2. It was still cold and had ice in it ( so it was still half frozen). Most the chicken you buy at the store is frozen and they thaw it at the store…..So if you have never frozen meat then you might not want too. I have always done it this way. I feel better about freezing it than keeping it in my refrigerator a few days till I eat it.

  3. Can anyone shop this sale at Cash and Carry? I see on the web site it says you have to have a business license, tax permit or proof that your are a nonprofit organization.

  4. An individual may shop there. You just have to tell them you are not a business. Then they will charge tax if your state has tax. They cater to business and sell in bulk. We are not a business and we buy there through out the year.

  5. FABULOUS!!! Thanks so much for all that you do to point us newbies in the Thrify direction and the valuale info that you share.

  6. Want to split another box? I’m pretty sure I want more 🙂

    Call me if you do (and if not, it’s okay–I could probably use the whole box, too).

  7. Eden, yes I will be happy to….let me know if you get this. Or I will call you in the morning!

  8. I just wanted to thank you for posting pictures of the chicken. I was worried that I’d have to sacrifice quality for price so I wasn’t sure it was worth the trip in for me. However, after seeing your pictures – I headed right in. Thank you for the time you spent posting such great details.

  9. Is this deal still going on?

  10. No it ended on the 5th…but ALbertsons had it one sale for $1.88 this week.

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