What do you think?

A question from my reader:

This came up last night and I wasn’t sure how to address it – 
If a cashier over-rings the value of a coupon (they take off more than
they should) should you speak up? What if you don’t notice it at the
I was picking up a few things last night at Superfresh – one of which
was Ronzoni Bistro meals. They were on sale for $1.35 (half price) and
I had two buy one get one free coupons (max value of $2.69).  I bought
four and expected to pay $2.70 for them after the coupons.  When I got
home, I realized that the cashier had entered the value of the coupon
as $2.69 for each of them, rather than the $1.35 they actually cost –
so I only paid 2 cents for all four.
I feel a little bad because they were rung up incorrectly in my favor
– should I have gone back to the store and said something?

What do you think?

If I notice it right in the store I will speak up!  If I notice
 it a home, sometimes I will call the manager, a lot of times they just tell me not to worry about it.  In the past I have given the store money back the next time I shop.  They tend to look at me like I am nuts… 
But yesterday I was shopping at Walmart, once I got home and looked at my receipt I noticed 2 items did not ring up at the sale price…they over charged me 2 dollars.  But I also had a coupon for a free item up to the value of $3.00.  The item was only 1.50….but when they rang it up it took the full $3 off.  Giving me a 1.50 credit.  Being that I was over charged  $2  I figured it was all a wash, ( i was still out .50 cents)  and did not worry about it.

2 Responses

  1. OF course if you were indercharged you should go back, I wouldn’t waste gas and time and go back to the store right then just keep your receipt and the next time you are in there mention it to them sometimes they say oh it was our fault, so it’s your gain. Last week at Walgreens they forgot to ring up one of my glucose cereal stuff so when I got home I was trying to figure out why things didn’t turn out quite right and she forgot to ring it but put it in my bag, the problem is then i didn’t get enough RR back so it made it so I was out .50 so I didn’t go back because I fugured they wouldn’t want to mess with giving back my old RR and reringing my products and somehow gettingmy coupons back to use again, anyway sometimes it gets comnplex but if they undercharged you save the receipt as you would if you were overcharged.

  2. Sarah,
    I would not feel guilty about the $2.69. As you know as a couponer the store will get refunded for that amount.
    I am like you if I see a mistake at the resgister I alway try and fix it to avoid going back later.
    The phone call to the manager is a great idea! Not to get thier cashiers in trouble but to let them know for future transactions. The best way of learning is by your mistakes but how do you know you are making mistakes unless someone lets you know. I can say this from years of being a cashier myself.
    Do not beat yourself up over it. Thanks again for all the great info. I love you site.

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