FREE Dominos Medium Pizza UPDATE

UPDATE***  it appears that is offer is not working?  Chat around the blog world says that code is not legit?  I know if worked for some people… I would suggest you call and talk to to store, before you order? Congrats to those who got a free pizza, sorry for the rest of you.

If you go to and enter the code bailout then order a 1 topping, medium pizza for pick up it will be FREE. I have not tried this yet…being that I can’t run out to get a pizza today.  Please note that not all areas are participating.  So enter the code to see if your area is?  Let me know if it works in your area.  Good luck!


8 Responses

  1. It worked in Roanoke, VA and I just place carry out order for our dinner, I am so exciting to order a free pizza for first time and save our money too! BTW I read this deal on other site and place the order earlier. Thanks!

  2. I am in Meridian and ordered a pizza online and it was free…I am picking it up tonight at 6!

  3. Thanks for the link-up!

  4. It didn’t work for me in Caldwell, Id and I tried my sister’s address in Meridian and that didn’t work either. How did you do that Sarah?

  5. I also live in Meridian, ID…I just tried the code as a “coupon code” and a “promo code” and neither worked. Hmmm…please share Sarah- how were you able to get it to work? Thx~Athena

  6. I guess I’ll see if it really worked for me…it seemed to this morning. I placed my order at the Domino’s on Cherry Lane online at 8:56 am for a medium one topping (ham) pizza and entered the code as a coupon code just like the post says. When I printed out the receipt that they emailed to my account, the price charged me was $0.00. I am supposed to pick it up at 6:00 tonight. Maybe I will call and double check that I really am getting this for free.

  7. Worked in Denver Colorado. Had free pizza for lunch!

  8. When I arrive to pick up the free pizza and I show the print out order paper, the man read & said free pizza. He said it is no problem for me to have my pizza for free and ask if I place my order on the computer, I reply yes. We had our free pizza for our dinner and it was delicous dinner!

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