My shopping trip with my Mother In Law

Before coupons for sale these would cost $99.48

she paid $39.15
Plus she got back $15 in catalinas
so it is like paying $24.15

Last week I was out of town for Spring Break. We spent 4 days with my Husbands Parents. We went out for a little coupon shopping. Thanks for putting up with me JoAnne, I love ya! I was able to help my mother in law take advantage of a great sale at Albertsons ( last day of sale is Tuesday) The only thing we bought that did not have a coupon was the strawberry’s and shells & cheese. I did not list all the details…Sorry I was on spring break.

7 Responses

  1. the catalinas were on the taco stuff & cheese, correct?

  2. yes they are on the shells and cheese

  3. Did you have other coupons or just the sale at Albertsons? Thanks.

  4. I used .75 cent coupons on the 100 cal packs. $1 off 2 coupons on crystal light, .60 cents off Jello, $1.00 off cheese, $1.00 off taco kits…..It think that was it

  5. My Albertsons ad says get $3 off instantly, does that mean that you get they take off $3 or do you get a an actual printed out catalina? Help, I’m so confused!

  6. A catalia will not print for that one…it will just take the $3 off $10 instantly…..but a catalia will print for the taco shells.

  7. Sarah-my mother in law was up this weekend and I took her shopping to Albertsons for the cereal sale and some of the other stuff-I showed her how to do the Catalinas and she was so impressed!! I got 20 boxes of cereal plus mac-n-cheese, dishsoap and a couple other things for $24, plus I have a $5 catalina for next time!! Thanks to you, plus I was able to “school” a couple other ladies in the cereal isle of how to do it! This is my second week of doing the “thrifty” thing and I am catching right on, my hubbie loves it!! We now have enough cereal, salsa and mac-n-cheese to last about 3 months. And taking children shopping when trying to be thrifty is NOT a good idea…for all of you that have yet to do it, I ended up spending way too much and not getting all my deals.

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