HUGE Post Cereal Sale Sunday .17cents a box

This sale starts 3-29 and will run 10 days!
This is one of the biggest cereal sales of the Year!!!

Starting Sunday at Albertsons they are having a sale on Post cereals;
Nabisco Shredded Wheat (15 oz.)
Grapenuts (24 oz.)
Grape Nut Cranberry Vanilla (17 oz.)
Raisin Bran (20 oz.)
Banana Nut Crunch (15.5 oz.)
Pecan (16 oz.)
Date Pecan (16 oz.)
B’Berry Morning (13.5 oz.)
Honey Bunches Of Oats Cinnamon Cluster (14.5 oz.)
Honey Bunches Of Oats Honey Roasted (14.5 oz.)
Honey Bunches Of Oats Almond (14.5 oz.)
Honey Bunches Of Oats Chocolate Cluster (14.5 oz.)
Cranberry Almond Crunch (13 oz.)
Shredded Wheat Frosted (19 oz.)
Spoon Size Shredded Wheat (16.4 oz.)
Honey Nut Shredded Wheat (20 oz.)
Select Apple Carmel Pecan (14.25 oz.)

These will all be $2.07 each or $1.57 a box when you buy 2
But here is the GREAT deal
There is a Catalina: buy 5 boxes get $5 catalina back
This makes it .67 cents a box
There are coupons in the 3/1 Smart Source coupon insert for $1 off 2
There will also be coupons in Tomorrows paper for Post cereal
this will bring the price down to .17 cents a box

If you are new to using Catalinas, you will want to make sure to buy your cereal in groups of 5…..if you buy more than 5 in one transaction you still still only get 1 $5 catalina. SO make sure to split you orders up.
This is a message from my store manager
There will be no limit on the amount you can buy, however I think we have just about wiped out Post. We literally have trucks coming to this valley and at both Nampa stores they each have about 50 pallets of cereal coming and I have ordered about 70 for the Caldwell store. So if you want to come see me and get your cereal feel free. This ad does start tomorrow for the great deal, but some stores won’t have very much product due to the short notice we have been given to order this. We all have 1 or 2 more loads coming to our stores to help supply us. Don’t get disappointed that you may have missed this, just come back another day. With the store in Caldwell we have about 10 pallets of product right now and I will get another 30 pallets or so Monday night and then another load later on in the week
SO, don’t go all crazy. If the store is out, they will get more in! Buy what your family can eat before it expires, but don’t go all crazy wiping out the whole store. Have fun and GOOD LUCK

Here is how it will work:
buy 5 boxes of cereal $8.35
use 2/ $1off 2 coupons
Pay $6.35 cash
Then after you pay a catalina will print, for $5 off your next purchase. You can use it on more cereal or something else.

45 Responses

  1. How do you know when there will be a catalina? I just got back from our Albertsons to get the Kraft cheese and no catalina printed. 😦

  2. How long can you store cereal? I’d like to stack up buck I’m in the south (LA) and wonder if it will go stale.

  3. Sarah the coupon is for $2 off Post Trail Mix Crunch Cereal (I got it to print 3 times on my computer), is that cereal part of the 2 for $1.57 sale? Or would you have to buy it at the regular price? And is it any 5 or more Post cereals or only a select few that give you the $5 catalina?

  4. Cindy,
    Just look at the expiration dates….you will normally get 6-12 months. Make sure you check it….sometimes it will only give you a month

  5. Donell,
    I won’t know all the details till monday…I do know there should be even more coupon in sundays paper insert that you can use on thes cereal too

  6. Thanks! You do such an awesome job, even when you aren’t home. 🙂

  7. Thanks….

  8. Hansen family….I find out both from the store and from The cheese on is tricky….it had to all be 2% and the variety’s i had listed. The first time i did it, it did not print either….but when I bought all 2% it did. Hope this helps

  9. To the reader asking about how long you can keep boxed cereal–I have a friend that clued me in on storing it in the freezer. I THINK she told me it added an extra 4 to 6 months. Mine never lasted that long =) It also works on potato chips.

  10. THANKS..YOU ROCK!! I LOVE a GOOD Cereal deal! Can’t wait to hit Albies…. :0) Maybe I’ll see ya there ??

  11. THANKS..YOU ROCK!! I LOVE a GOOD Cereal deal! Can’t wait to hit Albies…. :0) Maybe I’ll see ya there ??

  12. THANKS..YOU ROCK!! I LOVE a GOOD Cereal deal! Can’t wait to hit Albies…. :0) Maybe I’ll see ya there ??

  13. THANKS..YOU ROCK!! I LOVE a GOOD Cereal deal! Can’t wait to hit Albies…. :0) Maybe I’ll see ya there ??

  14. Did you or someone say there was link to an online Post coupon??


  15. There was, but Post didn’t put a bar code on them, and I think they turned it off.

  16. I am new to all this, but loving it. I am wondering for example, if you wanted to do the cereal deal and the cheese deal, can you do them both in 1 transaction? Or do they have to be separate to get the catalinas?

    Thanks for all your help!

  17. Baker family,
    can can buy them together….the only thing is only 5 4 cheeses and 5 cereals at a time…..if you buy more than that still only 1 catalian for each would print.

  18. Heather….
    I did have link to a coupon but the bar codes were not printing…so I pulled the link

  19. I was purchasing cereala nd using coupons, but the cashier said I was committing ‘coupon fraud’ becasue I wasn’t purchasing the items pictured on the coupon. I told her that if ti scans, then the store will be paid for the coupon. But she continued to cancel my items and coupon and said I could go exchange for the pictured items. Who was right?

  20. thanks for the heads up on the cereal! I got 24 boxes today and it ended up being about $0.61 per box!!


  21. Also, just a note, I had to purchase the cereal in groups of 2 to get them at the $1.57 price, so I had to do 4 transactions of 6 boxes each…

  22. Question?

    Can you use the $5 catalina on the next batch of cereals and still have it print out another catalina. Has anyone tried that? Thanks, Tammy

  23. I was able to get the post trail mix cereals w/ the $2 off coupon as part of this deal. I got 2 post raisin brand, 1 frosted shredded wheat and 2 trail mix in vanilla cranberry for $3.35 then I got a $5 cat back. So I am plenty pleased with my purchase. I used 2 $2 off trail mix crunch and 1 $1 off two post cereals.

  24. YES! in fact that’s what is so great about Albertsons. they allow you “roll” your catalina of the same product on to the next purchase of the same item!

  25. Does anyone have he Post Trail Mix Crunch coupon saved in such a way that I could click on it and print it once or twice? I have dh’s business laptop and he won’t let me download certain printer tools. I tasted this cereal and like it. Thanks you very much. Helen in Meridian

  26. We pulled that coupon because they are printing with out barcodes from the Post trail Mix site. I think they have an issue, and since there is no barcode, there is nothing for the store to scan, and hence is not a coupon..sorry

  27. If you want to still try to get it to print….hear is the link

  28. Hi all! 🙂

    I scored some cereal yesterday as well! It came out to 34 cents a box (OOP), but really, after deducting the vouchers I got, they were free!

  29. I’ve got the details for Chicagoland here.

    It’s even cheaper!! 🙂

  30. Hello. I’ve been reading your blog for a few days trying to “learn the ropes” for really profitable couponing. I’ve clipped coupons for awhile now, but don’t usually shop Albertson’s or Walgreens, so I’ve never walked away with free products.

    Can you clear something up for me? I see your Walgreens deals and they match my local store ads, but Albertson’s is completely different. Do their ads vary by location? I’d love this cereal deal, but don’t see it in my local ad (in TX).

    Thanks for the blog!

  31. JenniferM- unfortunately Albertsons ads do vary by region. These are ads from the NW region. We do have HEB deals if they are close to you. Whats a store you normally shop at and we’ll find some deals for you.

  32. Buy 5 boxes ($1.57 x 4 + $2.07) = $8.35
    – $1/2 MFQ x 2 (3/1/09, 3/29/09 SS)
    = $6.35
    – $5 catalina wyb 5 boxes
    = $.27/box


    Buy 6 boxes ($1.57 x 6) = $9.42
    – $1/2 MFQ x 3 (3/1/09, 3/29/09 SS)
    = $6.42
    – $5 catalina wyb 5 boxes
    = $.24/box

    Not much of a difference, but here’s the breakdown.


  33. Thanks for the quick reply!

    I generally shop HEB & WalMart. HEB has much better produce and meat and then I go to WalMart with my coupons as they're a bit cheaper on the boxed/canned items. Both have consistently good prices, but seldom do I see a really great deal.

    I'm keeping my eye on your Walgreens match-ups, though. So far, the ones that most appeal to me have involved coupons that I've already used at WalMart or tossed. But, I'm holding on to them all now, so we'll see what comes up!

    Keep up the good work!

  34. Can anyone tell me if the post cereal coupon that was in the sunday paper will work with any of the post cereals or is it just what is pictured on the coupon?

  35. Amber…
    my store let me use it on any of them

  36. I am new to this couponing madness and I love it!! Thank you for such great job explaining everything. I have a question, though. I am from California and our ads are different. But my question is about the Catalinas. Is that something offered to your side of the US or is it national? If it is available here as well, how come the Albertson’s ad does not say anything about it. I can’t seem to find anything that will mention money back and don’t want to buy too many items to then find myself stuck with a much more expensive purchase. Please let me know. Thank you.

  37. The catalina deals are ticky…some of them are printed right on the ad. But most of them are hidden deals you don’t even know about….I am on my own search for answers to this question. I have been calling the catlaina company myslef, with no answers, I am working with my local store to find out how to access the catalina going on in that store…..I will let you know once I have solid answers

  38. I live in Ca, so I wanted to let you know that our sale starts tomorrow (4/1) and ends 4/7. I was able to print the Post IP coupon from the link that was provided.

  39. For those in Ca. If you buy 5 boxes, you will get a $5 cat. I saw this on HCW.

  40. Thank you, thank you for the tip. I saw the ad starting tomorrow, though I wonder if the Trail Mix (which is the only coupon I was able to print) is included in the select varieties. If anyone finds out before I do, please let others know. Thank you all!!

  41. Trail mix is part of the deal….my store is out of it but they hope to get more in towards the end of the week

  42. At the Albertsons at Eagle/McMillan there is a box full of manufacturers coupons just to the right of the automatic doors as you walk in. There are multiples of tons of coupons, bundled together, and you can just take what you need. It’s awesome

  43. I only bought two boxes of post cereal; used the coupon which made each box 1.07; and still got the 5.00 catalina! Finally…. one of these worked out!

  44. Thats it..just start small till things work and build from there

  45. I have got to share this with you all. I was just at the Albertsons at McMillan & Eagle Rd. I searched for their coupons like JJK said. Their were no more. They ran out yesterday an associate said. So anyway, I bought 5 boxes of post and an Albertsons brand of Bran cereal
    (for my hubby) I had one of the $2.00 off coupon printed from Post for the Trail mix cereal. The total came to 9.50, I gave her my $5.00 catalina from a previous purchase and $4.50. I received another $5.00 catalina. With that said. Albertsons paid me $.50.
    I have racked this through my brain and still do not know why? I have 6 boxes of cereal and $.50 from Albies. I am so stinkin' excited. All thanks to Sarah! You Rock!!

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