Cereal .17 cents a box!!!

I love Albertsons Sales!!!

Just in case you didn’t hear Albertsons is having a sale on cereal…..A HUGE SALE!
Without coupons you can get it for .67 a box
If you are new to couponing and don’t have any coupons to use, this is a great sale to start out with!
With coupons you can get it for .17 cents a box!
My Caldwell store had a large display this morning even after a ton was sold yesterday, but they are getting a HUGE shipment in tonight.  This sale runs 10 days!
For even more details on this sale and where to get coupons click here.

This is my 15 boxes I got this morning, at .17 cents each.  I plan to get some more later this week. 
At normal price this would have cost $73.35
But after sales price and coupons I paid 2.55 plus tax
Now that is a Thrifty Deal!!!!

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  1. There is a 2.00 off printable of post cereal you can print three off. I printed last week so i don’t know if there are any left but it actually makes it so the 15 boxes youa re getting paid like 2.10 which is pretty thrifty too!!!

  2. I had a link to that coupon on my site….but I could never get mine to print.. Some people were able to get them to print but they won’t scan…or it printed with no bar code. With all these issues I decided not post the coupon link….but I am happy it worked for some people.

  3. Here is the link If any of you want to try it


  4. I got one yesterday it just took it a while to print. So just be patient and leave it alone for a little while and it will print.

  5. We eat a LOT of cereal (my husband likes it for snacks), so I just got 45 boxes. The manager and checkers were soooo nice and helpful and they begged me to tell everyone about it.

    The boxes are all good for at least a year (and we’ll eat them in that time). And even though I didn’t have any coupons, i still saved $175.

    Not bad!

  6. I was able to print it the other day, and it printed fine, barcode and all, but I wasn’t able to find that cereal at my Albertsons anywhere.
    I still got some good deals though!

  7. The Albertsons on overland and orchard in boise has scotts 4 pack of tp for 10/10. That is a 1.00 a piece. Then you can use the 1.00 off coupon that came in the paper this Sunday making them free.

  8. I was also able to print the coupon, but am not sure that cereal is on the deal. I’ll know tonight after I go shopping. 🙂

  9. I printed that $2 coupon twice, so w/ $4 in coupons I actually got 60 cents back on 5 boxes.

  10. I just tried the coupon at 4:18 pm and it allowed me to print three copies.

  11. I’m always so envious that your Albertsons has such great deals!

    We have Albertsons here in So. California, and there are not the same sales at all. In the circular I received today, they are having an 8 hour sale on Thursday on Post cereal for 1.57/box. Not bad, but NOT .17 cents, and it’s only for 8 hours.

    How can they be sooo different? We didn’t get double coupons either.

  12. Amy…that sounds like it is the same deal. As long as you have your coupons and it prints a catalina after 5 boxes.

  13. Hi, I am trying to figure out this deal and what coupons to use. Which coupons did you use for the Honey Bunches of Oats and Just Bunches? And since you bought 15 boxes of cereal did you have to pay $2.07 for one box?

  14. J,
    yes I got 4 boxes at 1.57 each used coupon on those and paid 2.07 for the 5th box. It is still cheeper to do it this way to buy the 6th box…I did the math both ways.

    I justed the post coupons from a month or so ……they scanned just fine.

  15. My local Albertsons Manager let one women come in and buy 700 boxes of the post cereal, now they are sold out. Can I just reiterate what you’ve always said about showing a little courtesy for other shoppers… To me, that’s completely unreasonable and I’m a bit surprised the manager didn’t put a limit. 😦 Sad.

  16. Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

  17. Welcome!!!!!

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